Get hair happy with Laurent Saint-Cricq at Camden 414 Hair Salon in Beverly Hills

“Your hair tells me everything about you,” expressed lovely stylist and salon co-owner Laurent Saint-Cricq, as he analyzed my hair and told me that I must eat well. I had to chuckle. He was ready to help transform my pandemic hair – featuring dead ends from color, chlorine, and sun – with a much-needed long overdue haircut. It had been almost 6 months since my overgrown tresses were snipped and my hair needed some major love. Laurent, with his own blond wavy mane, listened patiently to my needs and basically read my mind on what I wanted done. He made me feel good by complimenting my color and thickness but knew it was time to get rid of the heaviness. 

While Laurent’s expertise is rooted in Paris, where he studied at the legendary Ecole de Haute Coiffure, he’s been working in Los Angeles for 18 years. He once designed hair themes for Haute coiffure fashion shows and worked with Jacques Dessange in Nice and Paris. Camden 414 Salon is Laurent’s third salon in the 90210. He is co-owner and due to the pandemic, Camden 414 Salon was closed for 8 months in the last 2 years. Laurent specializes in haircuts and updos.

Eager for my appointment, Laurent’s fun gentle personality and sweet French accent made me feel comfortable that I was leaving my look up to him. After a lengthy head and neck massage with a deep head scrub from a lady who was obviously the expert in washing and preparing hair, Laurent took me back to the chair as he snipped and analyzed each section. He had me stand up for the first part of the cut as my over-chlorinated and over-sunned locks were shaped as if I was his work of art. After great care, he blew out my thick mane to add smooth waves, and voila, I felt like an entirely new person. My hair felt lighter and looked fuller and healthier. With a spring in my step and a bit more confidence, I repeated, “I wish I came in to see you 3 months ago.”

Laurent sweetly declined to share any VIP clientele but we did learn he cuts and colors politicians and at times has to fly to them. For ten years he worked with Playboy, that is Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Playmates who you might remember from the show The Girls Next Door.

A quick swirl through his social media and you can easily see how he has transformed many brides on their special day too.

But he was enthusiastic to share his thoughts on how to care for your hair!

How often should someone get their hair cut?

Every 5 weeks is better otherwise there could be breaking.

What are some tips to maintain healthy hair?

Healthy food. Eat everything. Don’t cut out anything. A lot of vitamins. No stress.

What should you not do to your hair?

You should not wear a ponytail when your hair is wet. You should not wear a hat. For men especially, they can lose their hair because their hair/head can’t breathe.

Are people requesting anything in particular in Beverly Hills?

Extensions, color, and to look as young as possible.

What are your favorite haircare products?

The London Proper.

What is your favorite thing about your work?

Clients, communication, connection, making women happy.

Aw, yes, Laurent, your creative hair expertise has made me happy.

Camden 414 Salon

414 N. Camden Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


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