Expand Your Chill With New Takes on CBD and Cannabis

Listen, if you’re still limiting your cannabinoid consumption to pipe hits, brownies, and the occasional CBD gummy…I’m not going to say you’re doing it wrong, but you honestly may be missing out on your best high. In recent years, there has been incredible innovation in both how we consume as well as the substances themselves- and while there is no shame in sticking to what feels comfortable, we’ve certainly found that trying something new can be a real game-changer. Here are a few new products we’ve tried recently that really show the value of turning over a new (pot) leaf!

On the CBD front, whisl has really changed the non-high inducing game. They’ve got a sleek, spaceship-esque vaporizer that has all the features you’ve come to expect (automatic shut-off temperature control, buttonless activation, LED power-status indicator, and precise heating) and their packaging is uniquely elegant for this industry, but the real magic comes in the pods. Their custom pod system (each containing 200 mg of CBD) features three unique styles to deliver intentional benefits- they include Tune In (“focus on the task at hand with natural hints of citrus”), Intermission (“relax throughout the day with natural hints of eucalyptus”), and Fade Out (“get ready for bed with notes of a light, floral botanical”)- and those descriptions are honestly very accurate! I found myself puffing on the vaporizer throughout the day, changing out the pods as I saw fit.

For me, CBD is such a great way to reduce my general anxiety when I don’t want a deep high, and whisl really delivered here- so much so that when I misplaced my vape before a long vacation, I really missed it! They have a great starter kit to kick off your experience, which includes the vape battery, a charger, and two Intermission pods- and in my experience, those pods last for a nice long chunk of time.

Of course, CBD is great and all, but there’s a time and place for an actual marijuana high as well! While I’m certainly no stranger to burning some flower, I have found myself gravitating more towards edibles recently, and I’m particularly fond of weed drinks. The thing is, for the most part, they are still pretty pricey and a bit hard to travel with- it’s not always great having a bunch of cans or bottles to deal with. purejuana provides a solution to this that I’ve been searching for- powdered, dissolvable cannabis. They lay claim to being the only live resin cannabis powder available exclusively in California, and describe their product as a “‘dry spirit’ crafted from premium, sun-grown flower that is frozen fresh and transformed into a stable powder while preserving all of the unique and complex strain-specific terpenes and cannabinoid compounds inherent to the plant.”

The little packages are great to travel with and easy to open, but I really love how easy it is to customize your experience. They offer different strains and potencies, so you can mix and match based on what kind of high you are looking for. I tried the Venom OG 2.5 mg, and honestly felt like that was enough for a mild buzz- which I knew I could build upon with more packets or a beer / some flower. It was great mixed in with some sparkling water, and you can also make cannabis cocktails- their website has some good ideas. When anyone is able to truly customize their elevated experience, everyone wins!

These are just a few of the many new products in the weed market- we’re looking forward to trying new innovations in the future. There’s never been a better time to enjoy cannabis, so go out there and experience something new!


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