Guide to Planning a Wedding in L.A.

People travel to Los Angeles every year to see the famous Hollywood sign and tour historical locations. They also arrive to scout wedding venues. It’s a popular place to get married, making it incredibly competitive. Anyone can use this guide to planning a wedding in L.A. to create the ultimate ceremony without too much stress.

1. Plan a Bigger Budget

The cost of living in Los Angeles is higher than in many other places in the U.S., so weddings will be more costly. The average 2021 bride paid $37,619 for their wedding, compared to $28,200 in 2020. You may need to adjust your wedding day to accommodate more time to save money and avoid compromising the details you’ve planned for your big day.

2. Research the Average Weather

L.A. is famous for its warm summers and blue skies, but people outside the city may assume it gets cold in the winter. Researching the average weather for your wedding date could save you from sweating through your wedding in a long-sleeved dress and faux fur wrap. Often May and June are grey, while fall brings summer temps and once the sun sets often the temperature drops considerably so heat lamps may be needed.

Planning your big day around the average December temperature of 68°F will make you and your guests much more comfortable.

3. Book Your Venue Early

Millions of people live in L.A. and many more dream of it as their destination wedding venue. While visiting potential places for your ceremony, remember to book the location you love most as soon as possible.

Your wedding day may be harder to reserve if it’s in a popular season, like spring or summer. It could also be the same day as a holiday or local convention. Wedding experts advise that brides book their venues 12-14 months before their big day so you don’t have to worry about changing your date to reserve your dream destination.

4. Look Up License Requirements

You’ll need to obtain a marriage license before your big day arrives, but the requirements for that license change in each state and county. L.A. brides should look into what they need to bring to the county clerk long before their wedding date.

Along with presenting a form of identification like your driver’s license, you and your partner will need to give the clerk things like:

  • Written proof of the dissolution of any previous marriages
  • Documented evidence of the termination of any domestic partnerships
  • $91 to pay the marriage license fee

Although the appointment may take less than an hour, receiving the official license by mail could take weeks or months. Finishing this part of your wedding planning process three months from your wedding date will ensure you have your license on the day of your wedding, which the officiant will have to sign after your vows.

5. Reserve a Hotel Block

If you want a downtown L.A., Beverly Hills, Hollywood, or Santa Monica wedding, your venue will be close to many hotels. Available rooms will also cost more than places outside the city. Help your guests save money by reserving a hotel room block after receiving their RSVPs. You won’t have to pay anything to reserve rooms for everyone and will even get them a special discount if you qualify by booking enough rooms with your specific hotel.

6. Create a Guest Itinerary

There’s so much to do in L.A. before and after your wedding. Your guests will likely want to see a few places before heading home. Encourage them to make your wedding weekend into a vacation by creating a potential itinerary for them. List popular things to do and places to tour on your wedding website so they can pick their favorites while planning their trip.

7. Find Local Bridal Shops

There are numerous bridal shops in L.A. because it’s such a popular wedding destination. If you live in another city or state, shopping for dresses while you’re in the city to tour venues is an excellent way to save time. The shops will also know nearby tailors so you don’t have to travel far to get your dress in the days before your ceremony.

8. Meet With Wedding Planners

If planning your big day makes you feel overwhelmed, you’ll find great support from L.A. wedding planners. They help couples with small ceremonies as well as celebrities with hundreds of guests. You won’t worry about anything because they’ll have business relationships with companies all over the city that can fit your budget. You can even hire a Day Of wedding planner to help organize and orchestrate the day and help with any mishaps.

Plan Your L.A. Wedding

Use this guide to planning a wedding in L.A. and you’ll have a wonderful time in the months leading up to your big day. You’ll cover every last detail to make your wedding incredible and think of everything your guests could need.

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