Southern California Gardens are medicine to the soul

Sometimes you need to get away from it all and find some peace. Escape to one of these Southern California gardens to find solace. Read our latest article in print in Southern California Life Magazine in full here: Find your Zen in One of These Southern California Gardens (Spring 2022).

Wildfires, the pandemic lingering, nonstop traffic…the overall state of the world can feel anxiety-producing. Take back your mental sanity by unplugging and spending time enjoying the benefits of one of these healing garden refuges. Breathe in the surroundings and exhale out blissful sentiments for your overall health and peace of mind.  

Lotusland in Montecito

This 37-acre botanical paradise in Montecito boasts 25 different gardens with rare cycads, cacti, palms, and euphorbias. Waltz around this horticulture nirvana through a Japanese garden, a rose garden, an insectary garden, and a shade palm garden where you can immerse yourself in bromeliads, succulents, and silvery blue-grey foliage. Tropical exotic blooms overhead, brightly colored seed explosions down below, pools with massive clamshells as water features, odd-looking worn statues from France, and symmetrical carved leaves are all part of the fantastical plot of land. Madame Ganna Walska and her sixth husband purchased the estate in 1941. She spent 43 years cultivating the plant utopia until her death at age 97. Book in advance for two hours of exploration. 

Find the rest of the article online above or in print.


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