New product launch: Shiseido introduces WASO skincare collection

We are always drawn to Japanese skincare products because the Japanese always seem to get it right. A great percentage of their population lives past 100 and culturally they have been at the forefront of beauty regimens and flawless skin.

While Shiseido’s new youthful brand WASO may be targeting Gen-Z with their sustainable packaging, lower price point, and skin concerns like blemishes, visible pores, and dryness, we are all for using these products in our 40s because we still have mostly the same skin concerns as we did in our 20s and 30s.

The eight-piece collection combines Shiseido’s scientific innovations with locally sourced Japanese ingredients to reimagine clean and sustainable skincare. Don’t miss some of our favs, the WASO SHIKULIME Color Control Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 30 and the WASO YUZU-C Beauty Sleeping Mask.

Starting July 25 – August 3, Choose your 4-piece skincare gift with any $100 purchase.

Here is what we love about Shiseido’s new skincare line WASO:

Shiseido uses cutting edge science to develop the new WASO Collection.

Shideido’s beauty innovation has been around for a long time. Born in Ginza, Tokyo Japan and established in 1872, SHISEIDO is one of the world’s most-trusted beauty brands. Built on a foundation of respect for Japanese ingredients and culture, SHISEIDO is renowned for its commitment to tradition and quest for innovation. In skincare, suncare, and makeup, SHISEIDO offers superior products and unparalleled technologies that celebrate the art and science of beautiful skin.

The new WASO Collection combines Shiseido’s 150 years of innovation with nutrient-rich skincare with extensive research on the impacts of various stresses on the skin. Shiseido discovered that digital fatigue changes skin conditions such as deterioration of skin barrier function, irregularity in corneocytes, and increased oxidative damage factor. Scientists discovered that Shikuwasa Lime Extract enhances the expression of caspase-14, an important enzyme for skin barrier and moisturizing functions. This key ingredient is used on all products.

Shiseido sources ingredients from local farmers.

In different regions in Japan, various ingredients were discovered and used in the new collection such as Yuzu Extract from Kochi to brighten and maintain skin moisture, Koshihikari Rice from Hyogo to target and soothe breakouts, and Satokibi, a sugarcane from Miyakojima to gently exfoliate and prevent clogged pores.

A more sustainable future was the focus when designing the WASO Collection.

Shiseido created the powerhouse formula to be focused on locally sourced ingredients that deliver maximum skin benefits, while excluding unwanted or unnecessary ingredients. Recycling and upcycling were prioritized to minimize waste. The packaging features outer caps made of 30% upcycled rice husk, outer jars made with 95% recycled plastic and cartons made of FSC-certified paper. Shiseido worked directly with farmers to help revitalize local economies and build thriving ecosystems. Through the WASO Local Revitalization Project, portions of WASO sales are donated to Shikuwasa farmers in Okinawa with the goal of planting 3,000 trees by 2024. The collection meets the Clean at Sephora standard.

The new WASO Collection includes: 

WASO SHIKULIME Gel-to-Oil Cleanser ($28/125ml)

This two-in-one, gel-to-oil cleanser and makeup remover washes away impurities, without drying skin. Formulated with Shikuwasa Lime ExtractSafflower Oil and Grape Seed Oil, this gentle cleanser starts as a cushiony gel texture and transforms into a silky oil to remove even waterproof makeup, while leaving skin radiant, balanced, and revitalized. 

WASO SHIKULIME Color Control Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30 ($36/50ml)

An oil-free tinted moisturizer that hydrates, perfects and protects skin instantly and over time. The color-transforming formula forms a sheer tint that blurs imperfections, helps protect from UV damage and provides eight-hour hydration. Designed with Shikuwasa Lime ExtractColor Change Powder and Anti-Pollution Powder, to support the skin’s moisture barrier, absorb excess sebum, protect against pollutants and even out complexion, leaving skin looking healthier and more radiant. 

WASO SHIKULIME Mega Hydrating Moisturizer ($36/50ml)

This intensive cream deeply hydrates skin for 48 hours to improve roughness caused by dryness. Formulated withShikuwasa Lime ExtractBotanical Plankton Extract along with a Hydro-Balancing Complex made of Glycerinand Trehalose, this moisturizer supports and reinforces the skin’s barrier functions and boosts its vitality. With continued use, it also enhances skin’s radiance and plumpness. Its lightweight texture melts into skin effortlessly without leaving behind a heavy or greasy feeling. 

WASO KOSHIRICE Acne Calming Spot Treatment ($25/20ml)

Formulated with Salicylic Acid and Koshikari Rice Extract, this targeted treatment helps to reduce and prevent the appearance of blemishes without drying skin. The cooling formula has a transparent finish that can be used under or over makeup. 

WASO SATOCANE Pore Purifying Scrub Mask ($38/80ml)

This purifying mineral clay mask gently exfoliates the skin while visibly minimizing pores and blackheads. Formulated with Shikuwasa ExtractSatokibi ExtractMineral Clay and Betain (a vegetal exfoliant), this mask helps to prevent clogged pores by gently buffing away dead skin cells, revealing skin that feels baby-smooth. The non-drying, mud-like texture with soft scrubbing agents creates a relaxing home facial experience that feels comfortable on the skin. 

WASO YUZU-C Beauty Sleeping Mask ($38/50ml)

This dewy gel sleeping face mask contains Vitamin C capsules that burst upon application and wraps skin in long-lasting moisture. Powered by sun-ripened Yuzu Citrus, this hydrating sleeping mask recharges skin’s radiance overnight for a fully-rested look by morning. Quick absorbing, cooling gel texture helps avoid transfer onto pillow while sleeping. 

How to use:  In the evening as the final step in your skincare routine, apply one small almond-sized drop on fingers, gently smooth over face and leave on overnight. Use it twice a week for maximum results. 

WASO YUZU-C Glow-On Shot Serum ($45/28ml)

The unique oil serum is powered by an antioxidant rich Vitamin C ComplexYuzu Citrus Extract and Superfood Oil Blend comprised of Grapeseed OilRosehip Oil and Sunflower Oil. It helps achieve a luminous glow instantly and over time, for a radiant complexion without or under makeup. This versatile formula can be used over entire face or on targeted areas, and before or in place of a moisturizer. 

How to use: Shake well, then spread gently over face or on targeted areas for an instant glow. Apply after cleansing and before moisturizing.  

WASO YUZU-C Eye Awakening Essence ($30/20ml)

This cooling eye gel targets dark circles and puffiness to reveal brighter looking eyes.The powerhouse formula contains Yuzu Citrus Extract to replenish and maintain skin’s moisture; Vitamin C & Vitamin E to visibly brighten skin; Starfruit Extract to target under eye puffiness; Yuzu-C Glow Powder to reflect light for a radiant finish. Its lightweight texture absorbs quickly into skin without leaving it feeling sticky and can be used under or over makeup.

How to use: Apply as the last step of your skincare routine by smoothing a small drop over eye area.

WASO Collection is available at and

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