Mezcal is LA’s favorite spirit and popping up everywhere!

Mezcal is making waves in L.A.’s finest restaurants and hottest bars. Angelenos are jumping on board to savor this distinct, complex, versatile handcrafted agave spirit that is deeply rooted in Oaxacan culture. This week we sampled Hedonistas de la Fe, a new premium mezcal brand recently introduced in the U.S. at Wolfgang Puck’s iconic Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Hedonistas de La Fe launched a range of four aromatic, rich, and flavorful mezcals, traditionally handcrafted according to a 500-year-old process.  Three of the four mezcals are made from wild agave.

Founding partners Bhalin Singh and Jim Beaubien were introduced to a multi-generational family-run distillery in the heart of Oaxaca and fell in love with the land, the people, and with maestro mezcalero Gerardo “Kain” Santiago’s creations. Kain works his magic, steeped in love and tradition, to bring forward a superior mezcal in every batch. “Our agave is hand harvested and toasted in earthen mounds, mashed with a stone wheel, and fermented in traditional open-air wooden vats”, and all created in one distillery by the Santiago’s, a four-generation family of mezcaleros.

Bhalin Singh commented: “The mezcal is unlike any spirit we have ever tasted: clean, herbaceous and wonderful, it is a special experience. We knew we had to bring this to the US.”

At Spago, we sampled all four varietals. To start off the evening, I enjoyed a deliciously fresh Paloma with Espadin, (the only cultivated varietal). ESPADIN with its full mouth-feel of brine and tropical fruit is perfect for sipping and cocktail-friendly – especially in a Negroni, a Margarita, or a Paloma. The 3-course dinner consisted of delicious Mexican-inspired seafood dishes, each paired beautifully with the 3 wild varietals. These mezcals include the sublime and elegant CUISHE, a sake-like mid-palate with flower-blossom lychee notes, and the powerhouse TOBALA, a full-bodied mezcal with tropical fruit and herbaceous spices on the nose. The regal TEPEZTATE is a creamy and round mezcal with a Calvados-like taste that rises above all others. All the varietals are truly unique, but my personal favorite is the Cuishe.

To get the most out of each elixir, sample the mezcals like a pro: “Use a wine glass or a sniffer. Go slow. Smell it a while before taking a sip; the smokiness will dissipate and you will smell fruity agave. Take a small sip and let it roll across your tongue. Be patient, flavors happen chronologically.”

“Our goal is to enhance life experiences, be it by offering world-class mezcal or giving back to the Oaxacan community. We believe in pursuing both the elevation of the collective AND individual joy.“ – Jim Beaubien

Learn more about the brand here – Hedonistas De La Fe, and where you can find this delicious Mezcal popping up all over LA, making waves in L.A.’s hottest restaurants.

We leave you with this Oaxacan saying, “Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien, tambien” meaning, “For all that’s wrong, mezcal, and for all that’s right, ditto.”  Salud!


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