Sparkle and Slay this Holiday with Legent Bourbon cocktails

It’s the HOLIDAZE and you have no idea how to dazzle your guests until this new spirit walks into the room. This holiday or New Year’s Eve craft signature cocktails with Legent Bourbon.

This new bourbon is the brainchild of whiskey legends Fred Noe, from the founding family of bourbon and Jim Beam’s seventh-generation Master Distiller, and Shinji Fukuyo, from the founding house of Japanese whisky and Suntory’s fifth-ever Chief Blender. Finished in a combination of sherry and wine casks, the secondary-finished bourbons are meticulously blended with more Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Entertainment Expert Paul Zahn and Mixologist Zachary Patterson enlighten guests on how to enjoy Legent Bourbon. Photo credit: @Photopatrivera

Your guests won’t forget these party pleasers from this east meets west collaboration. Try Legent Bourbon in these recipes crafted by Zachary Patterson of Melrose Umbrello Co and Ella Beverly Hills:


1.5 oz olive oil and sautéed shiitake mushroom-infused Legent whiskey

0.5 oz hartley & gibson p.x. sherry.

0.75 oz lillet blanc.

0.25 oz BSCS.

Pinch of salt.

Photo credit: @Photopatrivera


Legent bourbon

lemon & mandarin oleo saccharum

unfiltered apple juice

jasmine green tea


Served with black tea boba.

Photo credit: @Photopatrivera


1/4 tsp matcha

3/8 honey syrup

3/8 galanga syrup

3/4 lemon

1oz legent bourbon

1.5oz aged umeshu

1 egg white

1 dash yuzu bitters

Photo credit: @Photopatrivera

Or you may prefer to drink Legent Bourbon neat as it starts like a bourbon – rich, warm, and oaky then, like a Japanese whisky, it features both complex layers of dried fruits and spice. Add an ice cube or two to accentuate Legent’s already bright, smooth, and unexpectedly long finish.


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