You can never eat enough lobster – Check out our favorite lobsta spots in LA and Maine

“Lobster, lighthouses, leaves” was a recurring theme as we drove from one quaint seaside town to the next in mid-October. Maine had always been a distant memory as my Connecticut sailor parents brought me to this premier summer destination around the age of six. To my parents’ surprise, one steamed lobster was not enough. Maine is where my love affair with the briny bottom feeders began and where I came to rediscover the place where I first fell in love with food.

While Maine is known for its cold lobster rolls tossed with light mayo on a toasted hotdog bun, this Connecticut Yankee loves lobster rolls either way — hot or cold. As the largest producer of lobsters in the nation, “now” always seems like the best time to get crackin’. In Maine’s coastal villages, it is impossible not to tie up a lobster bib, slide out the plump meat, and dip it in warm butter. These days, restaurants make it easier to devour the luscious lobsters as they arrive with cracked claws and tails.

While we always seem to have difficulty finding a legit normal lobster roll in LA, some of our favorites include Cousins Lobster, the Lobsta Truck, and The Albright on the Santa Monica Pier.

When in New England, create your own culinary tour with some of our favorite sips and bites along the Maine coast. Check out the rest of the article on Travel Awaits.

Cold lobster roll at Fox's Lobster House in York, Maine
Cold lobster roll at Fox’s Lobster House in York, MainePHOTO CREDIT: MELISSA CURTIN

Read the rest of the article on Travel Awaits.


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