Reset this winter at Terranea Resort

I couldn’t stop looking down, because 70 feet below I could see the ripples of the sand while orange Garibaldis and silver sardines swam around me. The blueish-green hued water was so clear off the coast of Palos Verdes that I contemplated capsizing my kayak just so I could swim on this hot Indian summer day in November.

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Just a mere hour’s drive (mid-day) from my home in Malibu, it felt like I’d escaped to Baja or some other remote area far from the nagging traffic din of Los Angeles. Just the drive alone to Terranea through the coastal neighborhoods started to unclutter my mind. 

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A seal bobbed its head up from the kelp forest rooted by rocks, while a pelican dove a foot from my kayak for a tasty lunch. It was 1 pm on a Saturday and despite the rolling motions of the long waves making me a bit seasick, I couldn’t have been happier on the open ocean gazing at the cliffside resort that is Terranea – the largest luxury destination resort on the Los Angeles coast.

Read the rest of the article on Trusted Travel Girl from November 2018.


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