Get to know Israel through food

Recently, we traveled all over Israel on a culinary adventure with the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Check out some of our favorite spots all over Israel on our latest article on (February 5, 2023).

Read the full article here: 10 Unique Culinary Experiences in Israel

“[If] you can open a mouth, you can open a mind,” is a quote that stuck with me from Philip Rosenthal, the actor-writer-producer most known for the CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, though I discovered him on the Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil

Delicious food not only has the power to bring us together but also to help us better understand each other. Often, we realize we have more in common than we have differences. Open your mind and heart to the culture of Israel through Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine – strongly influenced by Asia, Africa, and Europe. While similar to North African countries like Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt, as well as nearby Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan, Israel has a food culture all its own. Israel’s culinary traditions comprise foods and cooking methods that span 3000 years of history. Get to know Israel through eating and drinking.

Learn about our Favorite Experiences in Tel Aviv, Israel on Travel Awaits published in January 2023, and more culinary excitement in Israel by spending time with the makers and growers of Upper Galilee.


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