Plan your trip to Florence, Italy by eating at one of these spots

Eat like a local and try one of our favorite Florentine discoveries in the City of Love first published on Travel Awaits (Feb. 2023).

Pro Tip: Embrace Italian culture with Florence’s well-known bistecca alla Fiorentina, obtained from the loin of young beef or “scottona” which is a young cow that has never mated. Always served rare, the portion may be big enough for 2 to 4 people. Add the well-loved roasted potatoes to your order.

Sabatini Firenze
Grilled Chianina t-bone steak sliced and rare for two served with salt, olive oil, and roasted potatoes from Sabatini Firenze

Read about one of our favorite hotels in the center of the city called 25 Hours Hotel Piazzo San Paolino.

Stay tuned for our article about this heaven and hell hotel on Fodor’s.

Looking to explore Tuscany just an hour away from Florence? Check out Villa Royale or try truffle hunting in the nearby forest.


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