A Teeling Tasting at The Tasting Kitchen

It was the Irish who put the “e” in whiskey. And you can really taste the difference. Irish whiskey is distinct from other whiskies around the world, offering a flavorful profile all its own. But while the rest of the industry has relocated to nearby Cork, Teeling is proudly distilling in Ireland’s traditional home of whiskey-making. Earlier this year, the company opened the first new … Continue reading A Teeling Tasting at The Tasting Kitchen

Pro Tip: Santa Barbara on a Budget

If your idea of Santa Barbara is limited to downtown, it’s time to expand your horizons. In fact, Santa Barbara is so much more — it’s wine country, it’s sandy beaches, it’s exciting new restaurants and cafes, and of course, it’s charming hotels designed for a weekend getaway.  And if you want to stay in town or just south, in upscale Montecito, you’re going to … Continue reading Pro Tip: Santa Barbara on a Budget

Methodology Delivers Fantasy Meals

My fantasy life, and this is probably going to be a lot more disappointing than you’re thinking, involves morning strolls through a street market like the Left Bank’s Rue Mouffetard, collecting ingredients for that evening’s dinner and pausing for a fresh croissant and a warm cup of coffee. I melt a little just thinking about it. Such an unhurried, serene existence is a luxury I’ve … Continue reading Methodology Delivers Fantasy Meals

A Lavish Brunch at the Grove

The Grove, TripAdvisor’s number-one ranked shopping destination in Los Angeles, played host last week to the inaugural “Lavish Brunch,” a gorgeously set 150-foot dining table atop the trolley tracks.  Chef Dominique Ansel of acclaimed restaurant 189 showcased a menu of brunch fare for the 150 guests who braved the heat and dined in the shade of umbrellas and refreshed with Lillet-based cocktails. His offerings included … Continue reading A Lavish Brunch at the Grove

Sounds of Whisky in the Jar

Are you ready to rock your brain? Digest these next words slowly: sonically enhanced whisky. You don’t even know what it means yet, but you know you’re dying to try it.  So, let’s back up a sec and lay the groundwork. This story begins with a guy named Dave Pickerell. People who circulate in the booze world remember the master distiller as a pioneer, a … Continue reading Sounds of Whisky in the Jar

Eating Las Vegas

Pack your weekender bag and hit the cash machine: Vegas season is here once again. Prepare yourself for action-filled, Red Bull-fueled nights in the casino followed by sun-soaked, screwdriver-sipping mornings at the pool. Catch a show, play some golf, do some shopping: Las Vegas has something for everyone. And that’s especially true when it comes to dining. With that in mind, here are three of … Continue reading Eating Las Vegas

Up on the Roof, catch a Movie

Sunsets and movies. It’s what Los Angeles does best. But for years, movie watchers were condemned to darkened rooms lit only by the screen and a few obnoxious cell phones. It wasn’t always so. There was a time when people watched films from their cars, enjoying to some extent being out of doors on warm evenings. Drive-ins are all but gone now but a new … Continue reading Up on the Roof, catch a Movie

Water, Water Everywhere, But Which One to Drink?

For years now, I’ve been offering my opinions about favorite libations, which has turned into a substantial catalog of cocktails, wines, and beers from various bartenders, vintners, and brewers, respectively. If the list is remarkable for anything it’s probably in the exclusion of other liquids. Sure, I’ve written about water tastings in the past, but more as an update in the latest restaurant trends as … Continue reading Water, Water Everywhere, But Which One to Drink?


When two of your favorite brands pair up to do something big, it can almost make you forget about government shutdowns and foreign interference in our elections. Imagine Apple teaming up with Armani, or Titleist partnering with Hennessy—on what, I don’t know—the point is, there’s probably some good synergy there. So, when news broke that Fatburger was joining forces with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, my … Continue reading Frank’n’Burger?

Drinking Whisky at the Airport

The idea of holding a whisky tasting event at an airport initially struck me as off-key, but given that it was being held during a government shutdown in which TSA agents were walking off the job and air traffic controllers were moonlighting as Uber drivers, it struck me as par for the course; that and the fact the airport is no longer operational. Last week, … Continue reading Drinking Whisky at the Airport