Ice Cream Season Is Back

Spring is finally here and we’re all starting to get ice cream on the brain (not the brain-freeze variety). Currently, there is some ice cream drama in LA as an ice cream war is brewing as a big trendy chain moved next to a mom-and-pop shop in Silver Lake. Los Angeles is blessed with so many exceptional creameries, it’s hard to choose, so here’s the scoop. 

Salt & Straw

With locations in West Hollywood, Venice and Culver City, Salt & Straw feels reminiscent of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. Adding to that nostalgia, the company recently launched a series of new flavors based on breakfast cereals that will send you reeling back to your childhood. Pots of Gold & Rainbows captures the kid-loving allure of Lucky Charms. It is perfunctory that I add, “It’s magically delicious.” For something with a slightly more grown-up palate, the Cornflake Cookies with Marionberry Jam takes vanilla ice cream and packs it with crumbles of caramelized brown butter cornflake cookies and gobs of that yummy purple jam. 

Sweet Rose Creamery

In addition to the Brentwood Country Mart location, Sweet Rose has a location in Santa Monica’s Ocean Park area. The creamery is part of the Rustic Canyon family, and that quality is evident in every bite. Farm-fresh ingredients are used to create seasonal flavors, sometimes quite surprising concoctions. The Fresh Mint Chip is not the green-dyed mint-inspired stuff of your youth, it is rather the incarnation that mint was born to achieve. Also available this month is strawberry. And if you think that sounds too mundane in this age of Ben & Jerry’s on steroids, you’ve probably forgotten what real farmers market strawberry tastes like. 


I only recently discovered the frozen magic that is Jeni’s ice cream. I generally find an ice cream joint by popping into a location while traveling. Jeni’s was a pint that was brought home when I complained of a craving. The Brambleberry crisp was a revelation. I instantly became a fan. I’ve since mapped out their locations, so I can find a scoop if I’m ever in that part of town. So, there’s a lovely one in that Rick Caruso-developed shopping center in Calabasas, another one in Larchmont; on Hillhurst in Los Feliz, on Rose in Venice, and at the Runway in Playa Vista.


While Rori’s currently has only one L.A. County location, don’t be surprised if more pop up. The little chain is making its way down the coast, with shops in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Carpenteria, and Camarillo. Rori’s is the ice cream equivalent of locally sourced, ingredient-driven, farm-to-table, you get the idea. Try a scoop of the Honey Almond Crunch, featuring housemade honey almond brittle chunks in honey ice cream – honey courtesy of Santa Barbara’s San Marcos Farms. 


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