LA Holiday Gift Guide 2015

We have compiled some of our favorite Los Angeles gifts to help you give creatively this season. Our list includes gifts for the friend who likes to give back, the mom who likes to have healthy items delivered to the house for convenience, the partner who likes to make things, or the brother who only uses natural, eco-friendly products. Perhaps you don’t know the person … Continue reading LA Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Cindy Crawford at Live Talks LA

Live Talks LA provided an intimate conversation with Supermodel Cindy Crawford. She has been on the road completing a book tour with her new book Becoming chronicling her journey from small town girl to her start in New York City to traveling all over the world, when her rise of fame occurred when blonds were the only major models and she was told to have … Continue reading Cindy Crawford at Live Talks LA

Join the Conversation – Live Talks LA Fall Season

Ever feel the need to get inspired or to gain insight from someone you admire? Los Angeles offers a¬†series of on-stage conversations featuring writers, actors, musicians, humorists, artists, chefs, scientists and thought leaders in business. You don’t want to miss LiveTalks LA’s¬†upcoming fall season. Guests such as actor/writer/creator Mindy Kaling, Supermodel Cindy Crawford, and artist Shepard Fairey are on the top of my list while … Continue reading Join the Conversation – Live Talks LA Fall Season