Eat Your Heart Out At Eataly

Since their humble beginnings in Torino, Eataly has always been all about bringing people together with high-quality food. In Los Angeles and across the US, they keep this alive by working closely with local and Italian producers who share our passion and dedication for food that is good, clean, and fair. After one year in Los Angeles, they have learned that the people of Los … Continue reading Eat Your Heart Out At Eataly

EATALY in LA, the Italian Mecca

In the newly revamped outdoor Century City Mall, two story Eataly boasts a one stop shop for in-house freshly made, and locally sourced food products.¬†Eataly is still so hot in LA right now since its recent opening you need to prepare for the crowds, but it is a wonderful place to pop in to watch the food work in progress (as the counters provide no … Continue reading EATALY in LA, the Italian Mecca

Elevate your food experience in LA

This article was first posted in Resident Magazine online, January 2018. Los Angeles is never short on new tantalizing food options. Chefs bring their culture and their own travel inspiration to the food game often blending cuisines and exciting taste buds. Try one of these festive dining options for singles, couples, or groups of friends. Share a meal, and elevate your senses with a new … Continue reading Elevate your food experience in LA