Eat Your Heart Out At Eataly

Since their humble beginnings in Torino, Eataly has always been all about bringing people together with high-quality food. In Los Angeles and across the US, they keep this alive by working closely with local and Italian producers who share our passion and dedication for food that is good, clean, and fair. After one year in Los Angeles, they have learned that the people of Los Angeles love pizza and pasta.  While pizza and pasta are just the tip of the Italian culinary iceberg, there is a reason these two staples are the most beloved exports from Italy. Eataly’s Guest Chef Series celebrates just that, along with local renowned chefs based here in L.A. Each guest chef will be tasked to conceptualize a pizza or pasta dish that reflects their culinary identity. Their dish will be offered on the La Pizza e La Pasta menu, as a special, for one night only. Guests will have the chance to watch the chef in action and interact with him or her, as they prepare their special in the restaurant. On May 16th, Eataly featured Chef Giuseppe Manco of The Restaurant at Mr. C Beverly Hills—the only Cipriani restaurant on the West Coast.

Diners watched Chef Manco in action as he prepared Calamarata con Gamberetti e Pomodorini with shrimp, sweet cherry tomatoes and sauce à l’Armoricaine; had a chance to meet him; and learned more about the history of the iconic Cipriani hospitality family, whose recipes became staples in classic Italian dining. For more than a decade, Chef Giuseppe Manco has worked with the renowned Cipriani family of restaurants around the world. Since 2013, he’s served as the executive chef of Mr. C Beverly Hills, leading the property’s culinary efforts at The Restaurant at Mr. C, the pool, Lobby Lounge, in-room dining, and developing custom menus for intimate parties, weddings, and charity benefits.

Born and raised in Naples in southern Italy, Manco draws inspiration from his hometown, focusing on light and refined Italian dishes that complement Los Angeles’ warmer weather, while showcasing Southern California’s fresh produce and seafood. “At Mr. C Beverly Hills, we’re the only West Coast destination that recreates the flavors of Venice in the Cipriani style that generations of diners have come to know and love. I’m proud to be a part of the team and carry on this culinary legacy.” Working alongside the Cipriani family for 16 years, Manco truly understands the family’s culinary ethics and techniques and is passionate about creating exquisite Italian cuisine that showcases simple but robust flavors.

As part of the Eataly L.A. La Pizza e La Pasta Guest Chef Series, the special menu offered guests a sample of Mr. C’s historical roots tied to the renowned Cipriani Family of Restaurants. Along with his signature dish, we tasted some of the best dishes from La Pizza e La Pasta Menu, including the housemade burrata, fromaggi misti, grande piatto, ravioli di guancia, and tagliatelle al ragu. Chef Manco’s signature dish perfectly complemented the restaurant’s best dishes and highlighted the beauty of his Italian background and culture. The pasta was cut in giant calamari-shaped rings and tossed with fresh tomato sauce and large shrimp. Each dish made you feel as if you were magically teleported to a neighborhood restaurant in Italy. The quality and flavor of all the ingredients separated the dishes from the Americanized Italian food easily found in LA.

The Guest Chef Series at Eataly is unlike any other dining experience in Los Angeles. Watching the Chef cook, interacting with the chef, and learning more about their background and expertise gives context and understanding to every diner. When our meal concluded, I visited the cheese counter and happened to engage in a conversation with Chef Manco while tasting cheeses. He very graciously recommended his father’s favorite cheese. I was able to extend the wonderful dining experience at home with a cheese plate at home and was thankful to have professional recommendations.

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