ClassPass Launches Large in LaLa Land

Do you love the intimacy and superior instruction at boutique fitness studios? Do you have multiple fitness interests that can be quite expensive to indulge in on a regular basis? Do you just have the desire to get out and explore more of the vibrant fitness options that LA has to offer? Or, might you want to infuse variety into your regular routine? Well, check … Continue reading ClassPass Launches Large in LaLa Land

Lacey Stone’s Fitness Phenomenon

Packs of people are showing up all over LA and New York City to join BOOTYcamp!, Flywheel spinning extravaganzas, and the 3X Method training one-on-one with the one-and-only Lacey Stone! She’s a ton of fun, she’s quick paced, intense, and she’ll have you fighting to beat your personal best for your own self-satisfaction as well as for your teammates. Lacey fosters an instant spirit of camaraderie … Continue reading Lacey Stone’s Fitness Phenomenon