Find Your Summertime Oasis

The recent heat wave in the usually mild month of April portends sweltering weather come late summer. It got me thinking about a contingency plan should the mercury reach the triple digits. An evacuation drill was in order. The safety bunker would need to be someplace reachable within a couple of hours’ drive lest we risk some kind of vehicular breakdown under the scorching sun, … Continue reading Find Your Summertime Oasis

Pro Tip: Santa Barbara on a Budget

If your idea of Santa Barbara is limited to downtown, it’s time to expand your horizons. In fact, Santa Barbara is so much more — it’s wine country, it’s sandy beaches, it’s exciting new restaurants and cafes, and of course, it’s charming hotels designed for a weekend getaway.  And if you want to stay in town or just south, in upscale Montecito, you’re going to … Continue reading Pro Tip: Santa Barbara on a Budget