LA Getaway: Pechanga Resort & Casino

Southern Californians have a variety of casino resort options. Every metropolitan area has on its distant outskirts at least one gaming establishment on Native American lands. Your humble correspondent has launched an ambitious undertaking: to experience these local hospitality providers and report back to you, the would-be informed traveler. In future posts, I intend to offer feedback on some big names in the genre: Morongo, … Continue reading LA Getaway: Pechanga Resort & Casino

The Good Golf!

Anthony Anderson, George Lopez, Eddie Van Halen, Alonzo Mourning and Clay Walker supported GBK’s Thank You Lounge at the inaugural Anthony Anderson Celebrity Golf Classic held in Palm Desert, California. The charity tournament benefitted the American Diabetes Association, Los Angeles Mission and Boys & Girls Club of America. “The primary mission for the Anthony Anderson Celebrity Golf Classic is to benefit non-profit organizations that support children, … Continue reading The Good Golf!

Escape LA: Loreto, Mexico’s Hidden Oasis

ESCAPE LA: LORETO, MEXICO’S HIDDEN OASIS Posted first on Off the Sea of Cortez lies a very special place, one that is quite hard to find in a world where once such spots of natural beauty are discovered they quickly become tourist meccas with little peace in site. But Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto just south of Loreto, Mexico along with the pristine islands … Continue reading Escape LA: Loreto, Mexico’s Hidden Oasis

L.A. Getaway: Scottsdale

Like a paparazzi’s flashbulb, the gray desert sky lit up, followed several anticipated seconds later by a crackling roar a little too loud for a 5 a.m. wine-and-scotch hangover. For about the dozenth time in the last 24 hours, the heavens broke and rain fell to earth with great velocity. The air hovered around 70 degrees as I sipped my Keurig-made coffee and savored the … Continue reading L.A. Getaway: Scottsdale

9 Innings and Outings during Cactus League

It’s a rite of spring: Angels and Dodgers fans head to Arizona to catch their beloved ball clubs and get a glimpse of what the summer will bring. It’s less than an hour in the air between L.A. and Phoenix, so Angelenos, what are you waiting for? Plan your Cactus League itinerary with these must-dos. 1. Sloan Park – After a winter of hibernation, Cubs … Continue reading 9 Innings and Outings during Cactus League