A Meditation to Cultivate Loving Kindness and Compassion

Have you been carrying negative thoughts towards someone in your life and want to release them? Would you like to simply be kinder to yourself and others, but are just not sure how to start? When we want to bring more loving kindness and compassion into our lives, we can begin by incorporating a gentle Loving Kindness and Compassion Meditation into our daily routine. It … Continue reading A Meditation to Cultivate Loving Kindness and Compassion

Fill Your Life With Laughter

When was the last time you had a really good, loud and deep belly laugh? How did it make you feel? Did your body feel engaged? Did you feel happy and joyful? “Laughter Yoga” is a unique modality that doesn’t take anything but a willingness to laugh in any given moment to engage in. And once you let go, the laughter begets more laughter. You … Continue reading Fill Your Life With Laughter

5 Ways to Make Your “Firsts” Count

The very first moments in which you start your day can clearly determine the path you take. Consider being thoughtful to your “first” thoughts and actions, and you will set the stage for a glorious day to follow. The first two can be done even before you open your eyes, while you are still in your bed, as the first light is coming up. Five “firsts” that … Continue reading 5 Ways to Make Your “Firsts” Count

Giving From The Heart

  Is there something you’re good at that puts a smile on someone else’s face? Do you paint, garden, craft, bake, play an instrument or write poetry? When it comes to saying “Thank you,” “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Valentines’ Day,” or just “I’m Thinking of You,” nothing says it better than sharing a part of you in a one of a kind way. This way you … Continue reading Giving From The Heart

Today is the Day for Good Change

About this time of year with only a few days before you replace your 2014 calendar with one for 2015, you may be among the many who are contemplating “What will my New Year’s resolution be?” Out of the estimated 40% of people who set a resolution, only about 8% will actually keep it going long-term. Consider a new approach to reaching your goal. Kaizen … Continue reading Today is the Day for Good Change

Embracing Your Uniqueness

When I was meditating at Lake Shrine in Malibu recently, I looked up and was welcomed by a bunch of strong palm trees that seemed to greet me in a different way that day. The center tree, stands a little shorter than the rest and leans to the left, unlike the others that stand straight as an arrow. If this special tree could talk, what … Continue reading Embracing Your Uniqueness

Choose Calm Through Belly Breathing

Breathing is the easiest and quickest way to choose calm and has many health benefits. It seems so simple and yet, we may not be aware that we all breathe differently, so finding the way you breathe is really important in moving forward from this day on. Find yourself sitting mindfully on the floor or on a chair with your back straight and your hands … Continue reading Choose Calm Through Belly Breathing