Embracing Your Uniqueness

ATW Lake Shrine Palm trees
ATW Lake Shrine Palm Trees (photo credit: Jo Pessin, A Thoughtful Way)

When I was meditating at Lake Shrine in Malibu recently, I looked up and was welcomed by a bunch of strong palm trees that seemed to greet me in a different way that day. The center tree, stands a little shorter than the rest and leans to the left, unlike the others that stand straight as an arrow. If this special tree could talk, what would it say about itself? Would it be frustrated that it leans, unlike the others? Would it be happy to be the shortest of the group? As time goes on, its characteristics will become more noticeable. What do you say about yourself? Many people choose to put down, rather than lift up. What would happen if you found yourself embracing your uniqueness?

Here are 6 reasons how embracing your uniqueness can help you choose calm:

1. Keeps you unstuck and moving forward – Playing the old negative erroneous tapes in your head about who you were told you were, or how you put yourself down for not being good enough are constant barriers that keep you stuck in the same place. And when you are stuck, you are stagnant and not growing in your journey. Negative attention to characteristics and qualities, even in a joking manner, can keep you anxious, nervous and insecure, even on a subconscious level. It is important to be constantly moving in a forward direction. With change there is always growth experiences to be had, feelings to be connected with and lessons to be learned.

2. Increases Self-Love– Being gentle with yourself is the key to self-love. Remember that little boy or girl inside of you on the playground or classroom years ago that simply longed for someone to be kind? What would you say to that amazing little soul about his or her special qualities? Would you put him or her down? Or would you choose to lift him or her up? By lifting yourself up, you constantly give that little girl or boy inside you the self-love you need and deserve and this feeling will wrap your heart with security.

3. Enhances Empathy to Others– Everyone has differences. When you are in a place of openness and acceptance of yourself, you will have that same appreciation for those around you. Whether it is the Charlie Brown Xmas tree on the lot or a co-worker who isn’t as quick as the group, it will be natural for you to embrace people and things with compassion and kindness and to celebrate their specialness.

4. Allows you to achieve your goals– When you open yourself to your uniqueness, new possibilities and options open up for you. Whether it’s at work or play, you can contribute something to an experience or group that wasn’t there before. That in itself is a gift. By having pride in who you are and what you can do, you can stand out in wonderful and colorful ways.

5. Releases Positive Energy– All energy is connected in the Universe. When you walk into a room, a conversation, or any space with or without people, notice how your mood changes, or how your body feels. When you feel good about yourself and carry positive energy, you add that energy to the world. It touches others and allows them to move positively and peacefully on their paths as well.

6. Raises Confidence and Self-Esteem– When you have beliefs in your own incredible power and ability, you can be proud of who you are. You walk with your head held high. In an ever-changing day, challenges are thrown your way and you stand strong and unwavering when you are connected with your self-respect and inner strength.

By embracing your uniqueness, you allow that one of a kind glow that you possess to be seen and celebrated. So, go glow like you’ve never glowed before! The Universe will thank you over and over again!

ATW Lake Shrine (photo credit: Jo Pessin, A Thoughtful Way)
ATW Lake Shrine (photo credit: Jo Pessin, A Thoughtful Way)

Exercise to incorporate into your day:
Do you “lean” in a unique way? Write down a quality you have but did not embrace today. Follow it with a positive perspective and connect with that feeling. If you need help finding a new perspective, ask someone in your life that loves you for help.

Thought for the dayToday, I embrace who I am and as I do, I release positive and loving energy into the world in order to uplift myself and those around me.


Jo Pessin of A Thoughtful Way and LaLaScoop contributing writer for "calm"
Jo Pessin of A Thoughtful Way and LaLaScoop contributing writer for “calm”

Almost 30 years ago, Jo came out to study Psychology at UCLA and fell in love with the excitement of all that Westwood and Los Angeles had to offer: its arts, spiritual communities, shops, restaurants and most of all, its colorful array of amazing people. She has never left. Today, as a mother of two beautiful children, she was inspired to bring calm and thoughtfulness to their busy lives through meditation and visualization. This journey turned into a lifelong calling. Through her private practice, a thoughtful way, as a Hypnotherapist, Therapeutic Guided Imagery Facilitator, educator and speaker, she helps many adults, teens and children maneuver their journeys with peaceful, life changing self-explorations. In addition, as a hypnotherapist at weSPARK, an amazing cancer support center in Sherman Oaks, she gives her nurturing guidance to those touched by cancer. In an attempt to do her part for Tikkun Olam, making the world a better place, Jo’s heart is always open to give her time and expertise helping others to connect with their inner calm, their strength and their beauty.


2 thoughts on “Embracing Your Uniqueness

  1. I am so glad I read this article. It was perfect timing for how I am feeling today. I can relate to the negative inner voice that pops up in my head quite often. I choose to listen to it a lot of the time, but I have decided that I really need to be kinder to myself. Today I choose to be kind to myself and know that it is ok to not be perfect. I am that bent short tree and I want to practice to see the beauty in that.

  2. I absolutely agree with positive and negative energy that we put out. I am a strong advocate of Joel Osteen, a famous Christian preacher that discusses being positive, grateful, and expecting good things to happen to you. Every day when I do my daily prayer, I make up my mind to God that I am going to have whatever type of day I desire (i.e. good, productive day or wonderful, productive, and stress free day). Like Joel says, you have to make up your mind BEFORE you start your day that you are going to have a good day.

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