LA Getaway: Viejas Casino & Resort

As promised, here is my second installment in an ambitious attempt to highlight our local Native American gaming resorts. Today, we’ll be discussing Viejas Casino & Resort. In the small high-desert town of Alpine in Viejas in the distant southeastern corner of San Diego County, you’ll find an oasis known as Viejas. Locals come to play casino games, enjoy great dining, partake in the nightclub … Continue reading LA Getaway: Viejas Casino & Resort

LA Escape: Find Pleasure in Sin City

Find Pleasure in Las Vegas Sin City is way more than just gambling and lap dances, but the world’s playground has some of the best entertainment, pampering, and restaurants in America. After living in Las Vegas recently for 20 days, I’ve combed the land to help you rev up your experience in this nonstop action packed desert city. Caution: Everything on the Vegas strip is … Continue reading LA Escape: Find Pleasure in Sin City

L.A. Getaway: Scottsdale

Like a paparazzi’s flashbulb, the gray desert sky lit up, followed several anticipated seconds later by a crackling roar a little too loud for a 5 a.m. wine-and-scotch hangover. For about the dozenth time in the last 24 hours, the heavens broke and rain fell to earth with great velocity. The air hovered around 70 degrees as I sipped my Keurig-made coffee and savored the … Continue reading L.A. Getaway: Scottsdale

Escape LA: Lompoc, a Santa Barbara city

Founded in the 1880s as a temperance colony, Lompoc was originally conceived as a booze-free utopia. (Note: this is not to be confused with a free-booze utopia, which, I’m sorry to say, is not a real thing). William Hollister, a wealthy rancher who was once considered the state’s largest producer of wool was interested in cheap labor and clean sobriety. Today, wages are still low … Continue reading Escape LA: Lompoc, a Santa Barbara city

What I wish someone told me before going to Coachella

I’ve been in LA almost 8 years and every year I have heard the Coachella banter many months before this two weekend desert music festival actually happens, and every year my intrigue grows. Each year I have been told that I will hate it…. camping, drugs, desert dust, heat, no bathrooms, and so on. After years of love hate tales floating around me, I actually … Continue reading What I wish someone told me before going to Coachella

Escape LA: Wines Among the Pines in Cambria

Last month, the town of Cambria, located in the 805, played host to the inaugural Paso BlendFest on the Coast, a wine-tasting event to showcase the distinctive blends of the most celebrated wine region in this part of the state. More than two dozen renowned wineries offered guests the opportunity to sample two or three, sometimes four, unique blends. “As evidenced by Paso’s recent honor as Wine … Continue reading Escape LA: Wines Among the Pines in Cambria