Travel like a baller at The Private Suite at LAX

Modern luxury is privacy, convenience, and ease. All abound at The Private Suite at LAX.  Here’s why this suite is the ultimate airport experience: Why The Private Suite at LAX is the Ultimate Airport Experience Inbound Imagine your plane landing and instead of dealing with security lines and airport hassle, you are whisked right off the tarmac by a private BMW 7 series sedan. The … Continue reading Travel like a baller at The Private Suite at LAX

Hawthorne’s Resurrection

Los Angeles has become noticeably more populated and, as things go, rents and purchase prices continue to rapidly go up.  As a result, the urban gentrification ripple has widened it circle. As a realtor, it’s my job to know what’s happening, at what price point, where. As a working mother in real estate, I’m not always able to jump on a plane to an exotic … Continue reading Hawthorne’s Resurrection

Ayara Thai Cuisine near LAX

It only took me 22 minutes to get to Ayara Thai Cuisine from West Hollywood, a location I normally wouldn’t head unless I was trekking to the airport. Just north of LAX, this hidden Thai gem is probably closer to my home than Jitlada, the Thai restaurant raved about in east LA that specializes in southern Thai food. In a cute street filled with quaint shops, I … Continue reading Ayara Thai Cuisine near LAX