Travel like a baller at The Private Suite at LAX

Modern luxury is privacy, convenience, and ease. All abound at The Private Suite at LAX.  Here’s why this suite is the ultimate airport experience:

Why The Private Suite at LAX is the Ultimate Airport Experience


Imagine your plane landing and instead of dealing with security lines and airport hassle, you are whisked right off the tarmac by a private BMW 7 series sedan. The sunset glows as you watch other planes landing and angling towards the sky. In a matter of minutes, you enter a private room where only you and your guests are allowed. Your ID or passport is checked and stamped in minutes in a private TSA screening room and Customs counter located in The Private Suite facilities. Soon after, you are escorted to a private lounge stocked with every food and drink option you could desire. A mini bottle a Veuve. A bottle of Napa Valley Cab. Lobster salad ordered prior to your trip is waiting along with a masseuse, a service so needed after a long flight. In-N-Out Burger (or any other request) can be accommodated. You don’t even touch your luggage because it’s not a concern. It’s already loaded in your car. Transferring to another flight? They have you covered. Imagine the most seamless arrival experience. This is it.


Now imagine the reverse. After being dropped off near LAX at a private terminal in a gated compound to board your plane, airport exhaustion is avoided by not having to deal with one of the most stressful and unpredictable airports, LAX. No crowded check-in lines, no need to dodge other travelers to get to the gate, and no need to deal with baggage. Upon arrival at this exclusive private suite, bags are whisked away and you are escorted to your own lounge room – one of 13 suites – where two can be turned into double suites. Even a shower is a nearby possibility.

Each suite features a lounge, bathroom, stocked mini pantry, and two-person daybed. After spending an hour (or more) relaxing, watching the news, and sipping specialty coffees brought to us, we watch the planes land and take-off out of our personal window. A large Visual Atlas is open to a map where we are traveling to, showing us our flight information, the weather, and estimated time we will leave the suite. As my husband enjoys his Irish coffee and steak salad pre-ordered from a nearby restaurant, I opt for a quick manicure before take-off where I learn the nail technician is off next to a beautify the hands of a famous actress.

Read the rest of the article on MoneyInc from October 2019.


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