Coachella’s Hot Parties 2017

If you are still reeling and reminiscing about the live music and parties weeks later, you probably were at Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Pre-Coachella fashion and primping starts early in Los Angeles, before most of the city heads out to this two weekend desert festival. In Westwood you could find places like the TanningBoutique packed with girls AND guys getting that extra glow or even … Continue reading Coachella’s Hot Parties 2017

PacSun celebrates the California lifestyle

Fashion influencers, models and top bloggers including Jasmine Sanders (aka Golden Barbie), Delilah Belle Hamlin, Chantel Jeffries, Ava Dash, Nala Wayans, Bella Harris, Jasmine Brown, Rachel Cook, Suede Brooks, Chase Carter, Sierra Egen, Sierra Schwartz, Meredith Mickelson, Ally Johnson, Alissa Violet, Sophie Jaffe, all dressed in L.A. Hearts and PacSun, to celebrate the new L.A. Hearts Spring 2017 Swimwear collection with PacSun with a private dinner party at Delilah … Continue reading PacSun celebrates the California lifestyle

What I wish someone told me before going to Coachella

I’ve been in LA almost 8 years and every year I have heard the Coachella banter many months before this two weekend desert music festival actually happens, and every year my intrigue grows. Each year I have been told that I will hate it…. camping, drugs, desert dust, heat, no bathrooms, and so on. After years of love hate tales floating around me, I actually … Continue reading What I wish someone told me before going to Coachella