Sexy Petite Taqueria + Omakase

Another h.wood Group concept has joined the West Hollywood neighborhood and this time not far down the road from the Nice Guy and Poppy. Find h.wood Group’s latest venue on La Cienega, Petite Taqueria. This cozy sexy dark scenester Mexican bar-restaurant is perfect for your next date or girlfriend meet up. There always seems to be someone famous just a table away. The posh restaurant filled … Continue reading Sexy Petite Taqueria + Omakase

Elevate your food experience in LA

This article was first posted in Resident Magazine online, January 2018. Los Angeles is never short on new tantalizing food options. Chefs bring their culture and their own travel inspiration to the food game often blending cuisines and exciting taste buds. Try one of these festive dining options for singles, couples, or groups of friends. Share a meal, and elevate your senses with a new … Continue reading Elevate your food experience in LA