Sexy Petite Taqueria + Omakase

Another h.wood Group concept has joined the West Hollywood neighborhood and this time not far down the road from the Nice Guy and Poppy. Find h.wood Group’s latest venue on La Cienega, Petite Taqueria. This cozy sexy dark scenester Mexican bar-restaurant is perfect for your next date or girlfriend meet up. There always seems to be someone famous just a table away. The posh restaurant filled with luxe framed kitschy art, deep-seated velvet booths, candlelight and a marble-topped bar can be loud and trendy, but that may be the kind of night you want.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Daniels

Skip the expensive guacamole, and order the tacos (shrimp, lamb, fish, carne asada, chorizo), bean and cheese burrito, or Mexican pizza. Prices look like they have decreased since the last time we went to the opening. Share the Sweet Corn Tamal or the Queso Dip. For a full meal, try the Grilled Branzino or Short Rib Mole, and save room for air wispy churros dipped in chocolate.

The cocktail menu (around $15) is worth exploring all night because every concoction is sensational. Order up some spicy margaritas, sangria, or sip the strong Paloma (herradura reposado, giffard pamplemousse, grapefruit, lime, grapefruit jarritos, campari float). For an awakening, enjoy Rum! The Popo’s Coming with dark rum, virginia black, cold brew coffee, lemon, aztec bitters, vanilla, cinnamon, and egg white. The Sidecar tantalizes with corn infused hennessey, st. germain, cointreau, and lemon.

Don’t miss Mezcal Mondays with half off Mezcal cocktails and tacos.



Tucked in the back corner of the restaurant is the Ainoko omakase bar, where you can sample a 10+ course exploratory Japanese Mexican tasting menu. Ainoko means half-breed or fusion. Each thoughtful bite is created by Chef John-Carlos Kuramoto, an LA born Japanese Mexican who seems to have been waiting for the right time in his chef career to build this labor of love.

corn tamal


A tea service begins the meal and continues throughout. Highlights of these carefully crafted courses include charred white corn soup and a multitude of little taco bites including a cook your own wagyu taco, an ahi tuna tostada, a grilled octopus Tako Taco, and Banh Mi Torta with duck confit and chicken pate.

Other memorable courses include hot oil hamachi and a Beausoleil oyster with Hennessy Mignonette. Different flavors, ingredients, and techniques are embraced to create something new. You’ll be wondering all night if the course includes Japanese preparation and Mexican ingredients or the other way around. Two seatings are available at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday. $85 per person.


Petite Taqueria

755 N La Cienega Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90069


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