PUMP Lounge Opens in the Heart of West Hollywood

Last night was the sexy PUMPin opening of West Hollywood’s latest hotspot, the new endeavor by Lisa VanderPUMP from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The PUMP Lounge right next to The Abbey follows her successful ownership of Sur just down the block and Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. Opening to the public on May 16, the kitchen will be presided over by Food Network Star Penny Davidi.

Lisa Vanderpump was all smiles as she launched her newest venture, PUMP Lounge, in West Hollywood on Tuesday night. (Photo credit: Alex Wyman from AP/Invision Images)

The new restaurant and bar is decorated like a fairyland dream filled with sprouting canopy trees filled with hanging candles creating a romantic glow. Enormous pink flowers made you want to smell the air around you, or perhaps that was just the scent of gorgeously dressed and luxurious smelling men that frequented the bash last night.

Joyce Giraud and Joanna Krupa matching the glow of the sexy new space of PUMP Lounge hosted by Lisa Vanderpump on Tuesday night in West Hollywood. (Photo credit: Alex Wyman from AP/Invision Images)

Pink Pump-tinis flowed while guests mingled at two different bars – one outside and one in. Elaborate chandeliers with tiny bucks hung over the outdoor bar creating such an elegant space I could live here forever. The bartenders and waitstaff must have been carefully picked because every single one was a chiseled model happily serving appetizers, dessert bites, and unending cocktails. Guests included fashion mavens, stylists, writers, reality stars, TV personalities, and more.

Ross Matthews was overjoyed to see Lisa Vanderpump at the launch of her newest venture, PUMP Lounge, in West Hollywood. (Photo credit: Alex Wyman from AP/Invision Images)


Pump Lounge outside. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

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