5 Ways to Spice Up Your Summer

Looking to add a little LA crazy to your summer lovin’? Here are some surefire ways to add some sass to you saunter and turn the heat up, even more!

Photo credit: http://www.myTAT.com

1. Stick on some inspiration from My Tat, temporary badass tattoos for those like me that can’t imagine having anything permanent. Slogans like “Love is All You Need” and LOVE in sexy script are just some of the sexy tat art you can wear in your bikini or a night out on the town. Don a matching tat with your beau. My Tat even has various collections, like the yoga collection, the festival collection, for runner collections, pride collection, and the survivor collection.

2. Increase the heat on those chilly summer Malibu summer nights with the latest invention – the Malibu Rum Sparkler (even in peach) both made with a splash of coconut water. This drink is so refreshing you can’t just have one. Enjoy this concoction as a mimosa for your Sunday Fundays, brunching poolside or oceanside too. We did! Life is better with bubbles!

Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Beach Bubbles

3 parts Malibu Rum Sparkler

1 part pineapple juice

¼ part simple syrup

Dash fresh lime juice

Build in a chilled flute glass.

No garnish.

Pool Party

3 parts Malibu Peach Sparkler

1 part orange juice

¼ part simple syrup (optional)

Build in a chilled flute glass.

Garnish with an orange zest.


Sparkling Daiquiri

Squeeze half a lime

Add 1 tsp. simple syrupMalibu-Rum-Sparkler

Fill up flute with Malibu Sparkler


3 parts Malibu Peach Sparkler

1 part Absolut Citron

1 part Pineapple Juice

3. Keep your luscious sun drenched locks perfectly luxurious with my favorite new haircare product – the new Healthy Sexy Hair “Soya Want It All” by Sexy Hair. This conditioning spray provides 22 benefits in 1. That’s right! I use it every day when I get out of the shower because in one easy step, the Healthy Sexy Hair “Soya Want It All” contains a unique and multi-functional blend of Soy, Cocoa and Argan Oil, that penetrates the hair shaft, helping to rebuild and protect hair from roots to ends.  When it’s hot outside and you can’t stop playing in the sun, pool, and ocean waves, living in La La Land naturally dries your hair out.  This lightweight leave in treatment leaves hair feeling and looking moisturized and protected.

22 reasons to say I DO.

1.       Anti-Aging

2.       Anti-Frizz

Photo credit: http://www.sexyhair.com

3.       Anti-statis

4.       Body Building

5.       Color Protection

6.       Damage Control

7.       Damage Prevention

8.       Detangling

9.       Elasticity

10.   Environmental Protection

11.   Humidity Resistance

12.   Lightweight

13.   Moister

14.   Nourishment

15.   Priming

16.   Repair

17.   Shine

18.   Smoothness

19.   Soothing

20.   Strength

21.   Style Control

22.   Thermal Protection

Want more? Try their Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal or their Healthy Sexy Hair Hairspray.

Photo credit: http://www.ebay.com

4. Make him notice your natural glow (well, maybe not so natural) with the golden shimmer bronzer I can’t leave home without. Dust your cheeks or your décolletage with the affordable NYX cosmetic bronzer that has different stripes of tan, gold, white, and pink. The effect – shimmerific like you have been tanning all day! Your healthy glow in Tan Enthusiasm will kickstart your look.

5. Try one of Essie’s new nail polish shades from their NEON too taboo collection. Over the top nail shades, like florescent fire coral (serial shopper), supercharged blue violet (chills & thrills), and vivid intense lavender (sitting’ pretty) pop even more with your summer tan. You’ll be crushin’ in your flavorful nails. Although the hues may be ‘too taboo’ for polite company, it’s more fun with color POP!

Photo credit: http://www.glistenandglow.bigcartel.com

Sizzle. Sizzle. Summer.


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