Top 10 Beauty Finds for Fall

It’s always bathing suit season in LA, but how do you keep that dewy summer fresh-faced glow, healthy hair, svelte body, and a signature scent going all year round when the sun goes down at 5 PM? Here are my favorite fall finds that have popped up in gift bags, parties, and events, or have been friend-recommended, that are not too costly and help you … Continue reading Top 10 Beauty Finds for Fall

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Summer

Looking to add a little LA crazy to your summer lovin’? Here are some surefire ways to add some sass to you saunter and turn the heat up, even more! 1. Stick on some inspiration from My Tat, temporary badass tattoos for those like me that can’t imagine having anything permanent. Slogans like “Love is All You Need” and LOVE in sexy script are just … Continue reading 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Summer