Three Day Rule should be your Next Attempt at Finding Love

Talia Goldstein is the CEO and co-founder of Three Day Rule. Her accomplished matchmakers like Vanessa Ringel, Allie Jablon, and Marly Steinman (who I met) provide you with personalized attention, hand-selected matches, and valuable date coaching to help you find your perfect partner.

They combine proven matchmaking techniques and in-depth personality assessments with proprietary facial recognition technology to ensure they introduce you to your ideal match. Their services are currently available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

Talia was kind enough to answer my burning questions for our LaLaScoop readers.couple

1. What is Three Day Rule and how does the service work? 

Three Day Rule is a personalized matchmaking service and curated online-dating site for relationship-minded singles. Our team of world-class matchmakers and dating experts act as personal dating concierges by hand-selecting, vetting, and personally meeting every potential match before making any formal introductions to our clients. I started Three Day Rule with the mission to create a much more enjoyable, stress-free dating experience for both men and women. Dating should not be dictated by games or myths about when you should make the first move.

2. Why is Three Day Rule beneficial for people looking for love in LA? How is it different than Match or online dating services?

A lot of singles in LA don’t have time for online dating or have trouble meeting new people given their industry or the neighborhood they live in. Three Day Rule takes all the leg-work out of dating – we learn what you are looking for and go out and find them!

Our matchmaking service is much different from online dating as you work one-on-one with a matchmaker who hand-selects, screens and pre-dates anyone they are thinking of setting you up with. You’ll be able to avoid all of the awkwardness of a first date because you will have the answers to your burning questions before you meet your match. Our online dating service also differs from other online dating sites because we curate the pool of members. Not everyone is accepted to our service, because we are really looking for genuine people who are serious about finding a relationship.

3. What are some tips or rules you can give women on dating etiquette or expectations they should have for a service like yours?

The only rules we give the women are to keep the first date short and pick a spot where you can meet for drink or a cozy place for tea, no coffee shops and no dinner dates. We also encourage them not to put too much pressure on the date and to have fun. The great part about TDR is the members get so much information about their match ahead of time, there is no need for awkward conversations like “do you want kids” or “where do you see yourself in 5 years.” The dates feel much less like an interview and more like a friendly conversation.

4. Should girls lie about their age on dating sites? Many of my girlfriends are lying about their age on dating sites. Isn’t this a problem? 

We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and their potential matches which means lying about age (and other things) is out of the question. Three Day rule takes out the guessing games, lying and “catfishing” that is associated with a lot of other dating services. As for dating sites in general, I think if you are serious about finding a relationship, you should not lie about your age. No strong relationships are built on dishonesty.

Talia Goldstein, CEO and co-founder of Three Day Rule. (Courtesy of ThreeDayRule)

5. What should a girl expect on a first date from Three Day Rule? What is OK first date behavior for a first meeting? Should everyone look at is like a game, for finding love?

The beauty of Three Day Rule is that our clients aren’t going into dates blindly. We pre-date and screen their potential matches to ensure compatibility, and we tell the client about their match before they agree to go on a date to ensure interest. We suggest that our clients go on a quick first date – about 45 minutes, just enough time for one drink. If the first date goes well, you can do something more involved for the second date, but if you commit to long dinner dates for every first meeting, you could grow discouraged if there isn’t a spark.

6. What tips do you have for girls who have everything together (career, personality, looks, etc), but can’t find a man? Where should they meet quality men in LA?  

Three Day Rule is a great start! This describes most of our clients – men & women who have a lot going for them, but haven’t found the one. Many great guys are not in the bars or even online dating. That’s why our Three Day Rule matchmakers often recruit at corporate events. We head to medical conferences, real estate events, finance seminars etc. While you are at work and out with friends, we are searching for you.

If TDR isn’t right for you at this time, I would suggest going to every party that you are invited to, asking friends to set you up and being proactive on online dating websites.


Three Day Rule regularly hosts a range of events and curated experiences to create a welcoming, inviting atmosphere that makes it easy for singles to meet and mingle in the offline world. They regularly partner with the most exclusive venues, premium hospitality and lifestyle companies, and leading wine and spirits brands in the country to throw events in our active markets. Events range from scotch tastings and cocktail crawls to lawn bowling parties and weekend getaways, attracting hundreds of single guests.


Tuesday, Aug 19, 7-9:30PM – Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica
It’s National Rum Month so TDR is throwing a Rum Party! Joining us all the way from Puerto Rico is special guest of honor, Roberto Serrallés, a 6th generation master rum distiller.

For only $30 your ticket includes:

  • Unlimited neat and mixed rum cocktails
  • Lite Puerto Rican bites
  • A Panama Hat, so get your tropical or resort wear ready!
  • Free Parking right on site!
  • A chance to learn about Caliche Rum’s fermentation and distillation process, using the solera aging system, and how Roberto Serallés, 2012 Rum Distiller of the Year, created the only green and sustainable rum distillery in the world!
  • A one hour house cleaning from event sponsor HandyBook.
  • A chance to meet with the entire TDR team, from our CEO to our Matchmakers.
They’re expecting a lot of press and this event will sell out, so RSVP TODAY!

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