DoorDash – Food right to you from the best restaurants was my secret little luxury last week as I scoured endless restaurants on their site. This service actually delivers right to your home, office, school, or even hotel. So many options near the west side of LA, I started first with Wokano for some delectable sushi, since the place I wanted to order from in Pacific Palisades wasn’t open on DoorDash til 11:30, and thus my lunch would arrive when my lunch break was basically over. I also couldn’t get to a computer later, so I opted for Wokana since I could order right on the spot. However, some restaurants allow ordering to start at 11AM.

My baked lobster and crab roll was exactly as I remembered it from the Century City restaurant along with my miso soup and shrimp tempura roll. The soup came hot and on time. What is neat is they text you when your order has been picked up and on the way, as well as the name of the driver when he or she is approaching your location, so you can be ready. You can also include a tip on their site.


My next Door Dash experience came from the French restaurant Marcel, where two perfect crepes showed up at my workplace, perfectly wrapped, and ready for me to devour. Again, they were on time, and came the exact amount of time they said they would when I placed my order.

The site offers a better choice of restaurants than GrubHub, like Sushi Roku, Fig, Pearl Dragon, Marmalade Cafe, Zengo, Trastevere, The Lobster, Tender Greens, Swingers, Sweet Rose Creamery, Panera Bread, R+D Kitchen, Milo & Olive, Kreation Organic, and the list doesn’t seem to end.  When I plugged in Pacific Palisades, 130 restaurants appeared. Also, there is no minimum order size.

So far, lunch and dinner are offered. Already serving Silicon Valley and Boston, this genius foodie service has finally dashed into LA, starting with the west side – Santa Monica, Venice, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Marina del Rey, and Culver City. Westwood and Century city came aboard last week. Soon, they will be branch out towards Hollywood.

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The only downfall besides some restaurants not being ready to order when you are (before 11:30), is the $7 delivery, but you can get your first delivery service charge free by using our promocode: LaLaScoop. The only other negative is the latest you can order food is 10 PM.

I definitely could see DoorDash being a lifesaver for families on the run, as well as office lunches when you don’t have time to leave.


Guaranteed you will love this service and thank me later. Try it! or try it on mobile. Get it at the iTunes App store.

Delivery Hours:

Lunch: 11:30am – 2:00pm (Mon-Fri)
11:30am – 3:00pm (Weekend)
Dinner: 5:00pm – 10:00pm (Daily)

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