DoorDash to the Food Rescue!

There are nights and let’s face it, many days, where I don’t want to cook and ordering a delicious meal from unspecifiedone of LA’s amazing restaurants seems just way easier than making sure I have the right ingredients at home. As I get older, as much as I do like to cook, I also value my time. DoorDash is one of LA’s greatest food delivery services (although they need to branch out to Malibu) that brings the best restaurants in Los Angeles right to your door, or wherever you are.

The wide selection includes some of our favorite spots like 41 Ocean, Tatsu Ramen, Sushi Roku, Tavern, Zinque, Monsier Marcel, Pearl Dragon, Marix, Tender Greens and even less expensive desires like Buca di Beppo, Cafe 50’s, California Pizza Kitchen, DK’s Donuts, Kreation Cafe, Sweet Greens, Marmalade Cafe, Fresh Brothers, Matthew’s Garden Cafe, Plan Check, and Blue Plate Taco.

Recently, I devoured succulent melt-in-your-mouth sushi from Sugarfish that was delivered straight to my workout in Santa Monica. Sugarfish’s well known Trust-Me appeared in a fancy little box that propped open letting me know which fish will pair nicely with which sauce. After my insane workout, the tasty treat from Sugarfish consisting of organic edamame, tuna sashimi, albacore sushi, salmon sushi, yellowtail sushi, snapper sushi, a toro cut roll and a blue crab cut roll seemed so well deserved.

Sugarfish Door Dash
DoorDash to the lunch rescue. Sushi by Sugarfish. Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Plan ahead because most deliveries arrive around 45 minutes. Your driver contacts you by text to let you know when they are on the way and when they have arrived. DoorDash is the perfect way to have even lunch delivered to an office meeting. Although it can be a bit more pricey ($7.00 delivery fee plus a tip), the price of delivery varies by restaurant and some special offers on the site offer delivery for just $1.99. The convenience is definitely worth it!

Use the DoorDash App to make your life easier. They operate in over 25 markets including Southern California (LA, OC and SD). Try DoorDash out for yourself and enjoy free delivery on your first order – bon appetit!

Learn more LaLaScoop about our first time using DoorDash, the delightful food delivery service.




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