Pop Up Dinner with LA Chef Jennie Trinh

Who would have ever known this elegant property constructed in 1928 would exist on this side street in Koreatown?  The Carondelet House with its hardwood floors, expansive rooms, exposed brick walls, courtyards, and fireplace made me think I was back in the east coast somewhere near DC, as about 30 women sipped cocktails surrounded by luxurious paintings and a grand piano. We were led into a beautiful room with a long rustic table as I learned from the the Weight Watchers corporate team that tonight was the last dinner on their city tour all over the USA dining at some of the most grand locations.

Carondelet House

LaLaScoop was lucky to be invited to this pop-up dinner October 9 with Weight Watchers and celebrated Katsuya chef Jennie Trinh, that they found through KitchenSurfing. The sit-down dinner consisted of delicious, lighter options, with each plate featuring top-quality local organic ingredients. The dinner menu consisted of an impressive meal: Spicy Edamame, Asian Salad, melt in your mouth Local Miso Black Cod and Tofu Cheesecake.

Asian Salad

Below you will find the chef’s Tofu Cheesecake recipe made from soy milk. At one point in the evening the whole table champagne toasted the chef and Weight Watchers planner. We met many new girls from NY and LA, and couldn’t ask for a more pleasurable night that consisted of red wine, white wine, and even saki pairings.

Local Black Miso Cod

The dinner allowed us to experience the range of items that can be a part of an individual’s Weight Watchers weight loss plan and showed us how you can redefine your relationship with food while still indulging in some of your favorite meals.

Tofu Cheesecake with Seasonal berries

1/4 cup cream

Tofu Cheesecake
2 egg whites
1/2 cup sugar
2 oz lowfat cream cheese
1/2 cup soy milk, organic
1/2 pack gelatin, bloomed
salt to taste
Berries to garnish
1. Whip cream
2. Whip egg whites to soft peak
3. In a bowl in a bain marie mix cream cheese and
gelatin. After it is mixed and
melted add in the bloomed gelatin.
4. Fold egg whites into cream cheese mix. Next fo
ld in whipped cream. Place in
square mold, freeze overnight.
5. Unmold cheesecake and cut into 2×2 pieces. Add
berries on top
Approx 6 servings
Writer Melissa Curtin leaving full and happy.


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