Wonders of Ted Baker London

Ted Baker London celebrated their womenswear, menswear, and accessories launch of their Autumn/Winter Collection at the Carondelet House last week. This stunning historical home from 1928 with its elegant rooms, exposed brick, fireplaces, grand artwork, a live “Boardwalk Empire” feeling band, and romantic bar outside was the perfect location to show off this new collection. We drooled at the British fanfare while sampling mind boggling food bites and gazing in #wonder with our kaleidoscope glasses handed to us as we entered.


The conservative elegant collection even showcased live models posing as Curiosities in life size glass looking jars. The simple Ted Baker classic styles I have always found timeless. The suits for men are tailored to perfection, while the bold floral dresses and skirts keep dressing fun. Many of the items are perfect for NY, DC, and London with hues of rich burgundy, deep dark red, earthy greens, and burnt orange. Also, find reworked leather bombers for gents, biker jackets, fur collars, and parkas.


The party entertained us with The Bumby’s, who gave us a fair and honest appraisal as they typed away our rating while staring at our appearance. A great party token to enjoy and laugh as everyone was interpreting their tales by these mysteriously crazy dressed disguised humans.

The Bumby's entertain us with our true and honest appraisal at the Ted Baker Autumn Collection "Wonders" party.
The Bumby’s entertain us with our true and honest appraisal at the Ted Baker Autumn Collection “Wonders” party.

Another highlight of the night was meeting the designer and creator himself – not Ted Baker, but his own name –Ray Kelvin who had his 18 year old son with him from London. The Ted Baker creator/designer has a passion for fashion, but not the cameras. Apparently, he is never photographed because he says he is an ugly buggard. If captured, he is often covering his face, like the shot I captured of him with his hat disguising half his face. His son said no one knows who he is at university, nor does anyone recognize his dad on the street, unlike America where everyone wants to take his photo. His son divulged they have a home in Malibu and a new Malibu store is in the works with custom LA gear, like Ted Baker surf gear. Of course!

Creator and designer of Ted Baker - Ray Kelvin.
Creator and designer of Ted Baker – Ray Kelvin.

Ted Baker: Wonders Never Cease!


All photos courtesy of Melissa Curtin.


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