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Matt Goss Brings his Vegas Show to LA

After singing to a six year sold out show weekly at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Los Angeles finally gets a taste of the beautiful British singer Matt Goss and his jazzy band with their lovely burlesque girls, The Dirty Virgins. On the third Thursday of each month, the new hotspot Spaghettini will host Matt Goss around 10:30 when the dinner crowd is ready for some soothing schwanky jazzy melodies. This lounge show jam session is nothing like I have ever seen in LA.


Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Often compared to Frank Sinatra and a household name in Europe, Matt’s voice is angelic, breathtaking, and dramatic. He is accompanied by two gorgeous back up singers and a live band that was so close to our seats, I couldn’t stop moving to the drums, saxophonist, trumpet, and horns. Matt Goss’s gorgeous looks with his sexy hat and velvet tuxedo jacket are a class act that dazzle the audience all night with his humble appreciative nature and legendary voice. Oldies like “Hotel California,” “Luck Be a Lady” and many other tunes had the crowd singing along. Newer hits like “When Will I Be Famous” kept the crowd engaged as Matt shared the inspiration behind many of his songs revealing stories about his life and career.

Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

As you can imagine, the LA audience is always filled with interesting people. John Stamos was at the table next to us with a few other entertainment faces I recognized. The women standing and dancing at the bar went wild while many of us enjoyed the views from our front row table seats. The sexy scantily clad show girls danced around us in various feather costumes as they gyrated to Matt’s incredible voice. Goss really connects with the audience. I even got a kiss on the cheek during his show. The several hour performance was a very memorable night.


Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Goss has sold more than 17 million records worldwide and sold out shows from Wembley Stadium to the Royal Albert Hall. His debut album went 7 times platinum, spawned 13 top 5 hits, and remained on the U.K. charts for an astonishing 84 weeks. “Life You Imagine,” Goss’s latest passionate solo album, is the classy, swinging sound of of 27 years of experience in the music industry.


John Stamos gets feather dusted. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

To learn how Matt Goss gave back recently in Hollywood, read our past post HERE. Please see our Instagram for more photos and videos at @LaLaScoop.

To purchase tickets to enjoy this incredible show, click HERE 

LaLaScoop writer Melissa Curtin, Creator of Rockin Models workout Grace Lazenby, and Bianca Porto Ramalho

LaLaScoop writer Melissa Curtin, Creator of Rockin Models workout Grace Lazenby, and Bianca Porto Ramalho enjoying the incredible after dinner Matt Goss show at Spaghettini in Beverly Hills.

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    • Jo Pessin, a thoughtful way

      Fun!!! Thanks for sharing your video! I will definitely have to check out his show and dinner when I can! I love his music and the food looks Delish!


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