Blind Dragon Heats Up Hollywood with Glam Karaoke

The entrance to this hot new glam karaoke lounge bar is deceiving as you sashay up to the velvet rope through a parking lot off Sunset in West Hollywood. Right near Boa, the SoHo House, and Bootsy Bellows, this sexy new glamorous spot Blind Dragon is the new place to go for a night out you won’t forget, or maybe you will forget after the sake bombs or the Shanghai Mules! No longer do you need to head to Koreatown in LA for a wild night of karaoke in your own private room.

Photo Credit: Brian Lindensmith / All Access Photos

Opening night had us following in David Arquette, followed by a slew of fun media peeps and Hollywood’s young and old scenesters. Scantily clad women in high waisted garters were making the experience enjoyable as champagne and drinks continued to flow into our hands thanks to the saucy serving crew. Dark and exotic, a red glow enhanced the mood with the overhanging lanterns.

David Arquette (Photo Credit: Brian Lindensmith / All Access Photos)

The h.wood Group once again pays careful attention to every imaginable Asian inspired detail, only one could dream up. From a butterfly illusion glass mirage behind some of the tables, to a fake fun Bruce Lee with a gong ready for your Instagram-able moments, to a dark room filled with authentic Asian photos, to private glitzy rooms ready for you to sing your heart out with your closest pals or instant new friends. Nothing like a few cocktails to help you easily bond with new Rockstar friends over some old 80’s tunes.

Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

My good friends Amber, Rochelle, and I checked out each karaoke room with their massive shipping crate doors, and watched as the true Hollywood performers belted their hearts out to songs by Whitney Houston. You would’ve thought we were watching a real live show thanks to this city being filled with the best talent in the world.

LaLaScoop writer Melissa Curtin with Amber Nowland, owner of Star Naturals. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

Later in the night Amber and I found a nice couch table spot in the back to sip champagne and people watch as the place became packed with guys in makeup, pouty broads, and girls with attitude. The COOL kids were definitely out! Next to us was man who was obviously well loved since many people kept coming up to him to shake his hand. We realized the next day it was Michael Strahan. Cisco Adler was across from us as the DJ booth to our left screamed glamour and gaiety, as I watched this hot blond in glasses turn up the noise. This new venture is mainly being overseen by DJ/partner Wade Crescent.

Photo Credit: Brian Lindensmith / All Access Photos

Gorgeous Patrick Scwarzenagger came in solo as we were leaving, and I knew he must be there because Miley Cyrus was on her way. Kids in love. It made me nostalgic for actually being excited about someone at the age of 22, or actually even excited about anyone. David Arquette was surely having a wild fun time, with what looked like a brunette who needed his attention. Too bad we didn’t see the lovely Courtney Cox again, who was apparently somewhere in the packed space.

Photo Credit: Brian Lindensmith / All Access Photos

Other party goers included Gigi Hadid + Cody Simpson, the Houston Brothers from the beloved Houston Hospitality Group, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne, Sarah Highland, Geoff Stultz, Martin Garix, Markus Molinari, Johnny Wujek, and Fashion Blogger Kristina Bazan. Of course there’s also a hidden entrance for those stars who want to avoid the annoying paparazzi.

Photo Credit: Brian Lindensmith / All Access Photos

Any libations can pretty much be requested and turned in a huge party punchbowl that will set you back about $300. Try the Pink Panther—Don Julio blanco, pomegranate juice, Pama liquor, lychee and yuzu juice. Food bites kept us from getting way too giddy, which included pizza, edamame clusters, and dim sum. Already planning my birthday here for April, so we can joyfully sing and laugh in a private room with our closest friends, then mingle with the rest of the revelers in the main room.

Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Blind Dragon will be open for business Wednesday through Sunday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Email for reservations.


Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

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