0.2 Fragrance – Meet Your Destiny

When I was told I may be able to change my destiny by looking at people in the eye, spritzing the sweet, sexy 0.2 fragrance on daily, and wearing my new LIMI (Love is My Intention) ring with the garnet inside that represents passion, I wanted to scream, “Sign me up! I’ll try it!” The exuberant positive-intention brand owner Holly Riddel, told me how even wearing this unisex fragrance has changed peoples’ lives. All I had to do was commit to wearing it for 11 days straight. Actually, I have decided to wear it for the next 30 days to see what kind of reactions I get, or if it does, in fact, change my destiny in some way.

“Meet Your Destiny” the 0.2 eau de parfum box reads. “This is more than a fragrance – it is an experience, a moment in time. To capture that first glance, that first rush, that first moment when eyes lock, and passion ignites.” Did you know science has revealed that the sensation of love at first sight happens in one fifth or 0.2 of a second? This new fragrance actually evokes deep chemical reactions.

0.2 Fragrance - Ron Robinson
0.2 (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

A perfect gift for Valentine’s day for yourself or someone you adore, this scent exudes an airy sweetness with Italian Bergamot, Spearmint, Tunisian Amber and Oakmoss to replicate the feeling of excitement, mystery, and desire.

The creator Holly Riddel who I met this week at Ron Robinson next to Fred Segal on Melrose wanted to develop not just an incredible fragrance, but a vehicle for spreading and receiving love. Having come from a background in gemology and positive intention jewelry, Riddel teamed up with the sought-after Perfumer behind the Kai brand, blending her discriminating palate and genuine goal of spreading love into this new fragrance that is at once intoxicating and ethereal.

0.2 Fragrance Ron Robinson Fred Segal LA
0.2 can be found at Ron Robinson. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

Manifesting positive intentions in a bold fragrance has never been done before, until now.

To purchase this scent and feel the emotional high it produces, you can find its magical notes at Ron Robinson / Fred Segal, online at 0point2 and other select retailers across the US.

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