An LA Love Story – Part 3

During this month of loving sentiments we share our third round of love tales. Why do we love thee, this town of Tinsel, this city of Flowers and Sunshine? Let us count thee ways.

Once upon a time I heard California compared to Europe due to the relaxing lifestyle, unlike the east coast. Tis a fortnight I read an article on the beach in February reinforcing my daily feeling about the City of Angels:

I work in New York. I LIVE in LA.

LOVE STORY: Part Three

I like living in LA for the climate and close proximity to the beaches, mountains and desert. Living in the hills, I feel like I’m not in a city but close to everything a great city offers. I like the creative community that is here. People come here to follow their dreams, so there is collective drive and energy to pursue your passion.

– Vanessa Angel, Actress, Model, Mom

Vanessa Angel is the Farrelly brothers film, Kingpin, a 1996 American comedy hit.
Vanessa Angel in the Farrelly brothers film, Kingpin, a 1996 American comedy hit. (Photo credit: Vanessa Angel)

I have a love hate relationship with LA. I love that there is always somewhere new to go, whether it is a restaurant or a bar. There’s always something NEW. Of course, the weather is unbeatable.

– Jacqueline Valle, Junior Copywriter, FashionistaSocialite

Fashion blogger Jacqueline Valle in LA Magazine
Fashion blogger Jacqueline Valle in LA Magazine. (Photo credit:

Love LA! The chill attitude, the weather, guacamole, surfing.

-Ori Blumenfeld, Chair of the Human Relations Commission of the City of Beverly Hills

Ori Blumenfeld making Beverly Hills an even better place to live.

Ok first things first, I’m a New Yorker through and through and no amount of 80 degree LA days in February will ever take that away. That said, I am oh so happy to be enjoying LA sunshine in February instead of trudging through NYC winter slush. Weather is the cliched reason many of us east coasters would quote about why they love LA. And of course I love the weather. I mean lets be clear on this, I really really love the LA weather. Spending Sunday am reading the NY Times is so much better poolside, let me tell you.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery – the best spot for outdoor concerts, Cinespia, events, and plays. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)
But the reason I’m happiest about my move to the west coast is that living in LA brings me closer to the community of people I work with and admire. I love LA because its filled with people who are incredibly passionate about the same thing as me, making movies. And you can meet these people anywhere, even at the DMV. That’s the number one reason why. In no particular order some other reasons: Malibu, the Arclight Cinerama Dome, In n Out Burger, the Chateau Marmont, and Uber.
-Jonathan Fuhrman, Executive Vice-President, Business Affairs at Thunder Road Pictures, Twitter
Jonathan Fuhrman (left), and avid concert goer at Coachella, an annual music fest where Angelenos flock.
Jonathan Fuhrman (left) at Coachella, an annual music fest where Angelenos flock. (Photo credit: Jonathan Fuhrman)
Los Angeles feels like 20 cities pulled together. You can find a new experience or adventure in each neighborhood. They all have their own style and feel. I love making new friends in LA. Everyone you meet has their own unique story and version of Los Angeles and it’s fun to see it through their eyes. I learn something new every day.
– Amber Nowland, Owner, Star Naturals Sunscreen
Amber Nowland (left) at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.
Amber Nowland (left) at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)
 I’m sure it’s a cliche, but it would be difficult to not say something about the weather. I grew up walking to school in the snow every winter. I will be teaching yoga in the park during the so-called LA winters. Plus, there are a lot of creative people in Los Angeles. It’s another thing you can take for granted after being here a while because you don’t always find that in other parts of America, especially the Midwest. I mean you could probably join a writers’ group, see a rock and roll band and catch a really funny comedy act all on the same night, and that night could be a Monday. We have a lot going on. Plus, we’re close to the beach. But don’t move here, cause there is no parking. Wink wink.
-Daniel Overberger, Yoga Teacher, LeavingStressBehind
Yogi Daniel Overberger, a frequent teacher at Runyon Canyon
Yogi Daniel Overberger, a regular teacher at Runyon Canyon and his own Black Market Yoga. (Photo credit: Daniel Overberger)
I moved to LA at 24 from my tiny little hometown in Louisiana. I immediately noticed everyone here was thinner, richer and better looking than I was, but I loved the energy and the excitement of being in Hollywood. I knew right away I had found my new home amongst both the up-and-comers and the on-their-way-back-downers.
LA is full of incredibly gifted actors, writers and filmmakers, and it’s inspiring to see that, even after well over a hundred years of being the industry hub, creative types still flock to this beautiful, frustrating city to try and make their dreams come true.
Sharing a moment. Hip Abbott Kinney Blvd in Venice, California
Sharing a moment. Hip Abbott Kinney Blvd in Venice, California. (Photo credit: Amber Nowland)
A lot has changed in the 17 years since I first set up shop here, but the fact remains LA is still the city to be in if you want to be seen. Everyone here is still thinner, richer and better looking than me, and now they’re younger too, but my therapist, my yoga teacher, my clairvoyant, my nutritionist, my life coach and I all agree it’s still a pretty magical place to call home.

– Dan Fountain, Producer, Geaux Films

Dan Fountain and his beloved dog in LA.
Dan Fountain and his beloved dog in LA. (Photo credit: Dan Fountain)
I used to have a love-hate relationship with LA, but now it’s all love. Aside from the incredible hiking, beach, and culinary scene, LA is a place where you can reinvent yourself whenever you want, with no judgment. To me, LA represents endless possibilities.

– Jennifer Evans Gardner, Account Director, Murphy O’Brien Public Relations

Fryman Canyon morning hike (Photo credit: Jennifer Evans Gardner)

I love LA for so many reasons. As a little girl, I would BEG my parents to move to Los Angeles. I knew that that was where ‘dreams came true.’ Marilyn Monroe (my idol growing up), the ocean and palm trees lived there and I knew it WASN’T -52 °. We visited on a family trip when I was 14, and I fell even more in love. The weather, the electricity in the air and inspiration beckoned. Once I was 19, I finally got the opportunity to move to LA and it immediately felt like home. For a lot of my newfound friends, there was a ‘getting used to’ phase. I’d hear a lot of ‘NY has this’ or it ‘doesn’t have a downtown’ or ‘I miss seasons.’ I couldn’t relate as I fell head over heels immediately! (And my response was always ‘Then move back!’ Lol.) I thought they were crazy. This town has everything you could possibly want and more!

Mara Marini in the hit show Parks and Recreation. (Photo credit:
Mara Marini in the hit show Parks and Recreation. (Photo credit:

The daily sunshine always puts a smile on my face and I, for one, love that the city is more spread out. There is so much at your fingertips! It is like those ‘ Build your own adventure’ books from the 80s, but instead it’s ‘Build your own city.’ You can go out and find which pockets of the city speak to you and make those your go-tos – rather than just one ‘hub’ of the city; it’s your own little puzzle to put together and create. I know it’s cliche to say this – but how many places can you go surfing in the morning and then head over to the mountains to snowboard in the same day? The many outdoor activities (I live right at Runyon Canyon), incredible restaurants, and never ending list of exciting things to do makes this my favorite place on earth. I will live here until the day I die.

– Mara Marini, Actress, NBC’s hit show Parks and Recreation, ABC’s Black-ish 

Mara Marini showing some pooch love. Dogs are often treated better than humans in LA. (Photo credit: Mara Marini)
Actress Mara Marini showing some pooch love. Dogs are often treated better than humans in LA. (Photo credit: Mara Marini)

I love Los Angeles for the weather, the people and the diversity. I love LA because I grew up here and it is familiar and unfamiliar all at the same time. There is always something to do and something new to discover. I also love that I can walk on the beach all year round.

– Lisa Niver, Founder, We Said Go Travel

J. Paul Getty Museum in LA (Photo credit: Lisa Niver)
J. Paul Getty Museum in LA (Photo credit: Lisa Niver)

And if you need more reasons to fall in love, read the Huffington Post list, LA Healthier Than New York.


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