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Hungry for Change at Stir Market

Stir Market closed shop early yesterday evening to play host to a charitable cause with a similar aim, feeding people. This new upscale market/restaurant on 7475 Beverly Boulevard celebrated the success of Cheeky, whose debut line of colorfully designed paper and plastic tableware has caused quite a — forgive me — stir.

The company, in partnership with Feeding America, has since its November 2014 launch, donated 1 million meals to hungry Americans. The brand, sold exclusively at Target, donates a meal with every purchase and is on track to donate 10 million meals in its first year, alone.

In a recent interview, Cheeky CEO P.J. Brice announced that he believes the company will surpass that benchmark of 10 million meals.


Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

“I am excited that people everywhere are truly connecting with our product and are getting behind our incredible cause. We are off to a strong start … but we can’t stop here,” he said. “We hope to play an integral role in ending hunger in America for good, and this is just the beginning.”

The USDA reports that one in every six Americans go hungry. That equates to about 49 million of our fellow citizens. Meanwhile, in an effort to combat that tragedy, 2 million people volunteer every month with the Feeding America network, which operates 200 food banks domestically.


Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

“Hunger exists in literally every county in America,” says Feeding America CEO Bob Aiken. “It’s an urban problem, it’s a suburban problem and it’s a rural problem.”

Cheeky named Alli Sosna of Microgreens its monthly Hunger Hero for the month of January for her work in the D.C. school system. Sosna teaches low-income families to make healthy choices, learn cooking basics and stretch ingredients in order to create the most meals possible.


Kinya Claiborne with Style & Society, Mikey Glazer with The Wrap, Melissa Curtin with LaLaScoop, and Marilynne Mungovan with Revele Inc. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

Stir Market is a fabulous place for take-out or dining outside. Reminiscent of a larger Dean & Deluca in DC and NYC, this hip market offers everything you could want, from a rotisserie chicken section, a pastry aisle, fresh juices, healthy gourmet salads and sandwiches made fresh, an espresso bar, a wide array of cheeses, specialty sauces and seasoning, and a whole lot more. This clean sprawling marketplace is a win-win, and we hear the brunch is a hit!

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