A Hollywood Confession

Confession Hollywood
Confession Lounge (Photo credit: Rohelle Brodin Photography)

On 1666 McCadden Place in Hollywood I valeted my car and sashayed up a back entrance to a new saucy little lounge space called Confession. Of course everyone has a confession to make in Hollywood, but are you ready to divulge your mischief?

This exclusive new lounge will cater to the model, celebrity or taste-maker crowd with a VIP entrance to the right while the rest of LA enters through the left.

I had no idea this venue was the back of a Hollywood establishment I once frequented called Pig’ N Whistle. As we left the lounge to venture down a hallway where you can say a prayer at a candlelit alter, you enter the main bar aka Pig’ N Whistle (where I once drank beers), before heading up to another upstairs private DJ area.

Confession Lounge (Photo credit: Rohelle Brodin Photography)
Confession Lounge (Photo credit: Rohelle Brodin Photography)

Pig’ N Whistle, will turn into Confession on Monday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The main bar area will be illuminated to resemble a cathedral with its historic ceiling design and fanciful hard-carved wood. Their goal was apparently akin to the song, “Take Me to Church.”

Happy to mingle with writer friends in the small Lounge Confession, we sampled divine crafted cocktails called The Frolic, Ginny, Pinga Mary, and Stone Crush Piccante thanks to Confession’s mixologist Frederic Vial. Apps like prosciutto wrapped dates, meatball sub bites, chicken sticks with zesty sauce, truffle macaroni and cheese, and bacon-wrapped shrimp will keep late night guests satisfied.

Confession Lounge (Photo credit: Rohelle Brodin Photography)
DJ Booth area overlooking the former Pig’ N Whistle, now with a Confessional twist. (Photo credit: Rohelle Brodin Photography)

Owned by Sunset Entertainment Group’s Chris Breed, Alan Hajjar (White Lotus, Green Door, and the Sunset Room) and LA’s prominent promoter Robert Kennedy, the lounge unveiled June 5. We hear this intimate private space with its surprise live acts just might make you Confess late night.

Hours:  Monday, Friday, and Saturday from 9PM to 2AM. Dinner reservations from 9 PM to 1 AM with table reservations available online. Special events and private musical appearances are offered by invitation.

Confession Hollywood
Photo credit: Jasmin Rosemberg


1666 McCadden Place



2 thoughts on “A Hollywood Confession

  1. Loved the blog! My blog is about partying around the world and I’m posting a lot of reviews about LA (which was my home for 3 year). Really really cool that you love this city like I do! xx!

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