LA ManBuns #Swoon

Man buns are on most streets in LA. Everywhere I turn, I see buns! I have nicknamed this style the YUMBUN. From yoga class to dining out to strolling through any neighborhood in Los Angeles, the Man Bun, Man Pony, Samaruai Bun, or Muns sure seem here to stay. The guy in my yoga class said he often has two buns. Buntastic! Well, whether you are looking at their real buns or their hairy buns, this look has made me look twice and often swoon.

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The most frequent man bun style I have observed is shaven sides of the head with the hair twisted into a top knot because not all ManBuns require a full head of hair. I’m wondering if the surge in man buns started with dreamy Leonardo, or was it Jared Leto? @ManBunMonday and @ManBunLifeStyle on Instagram will have you drooling for days. Whether you have a mini bun or a man bun beard combo, sexy, sexy, sexy is screaming in my mind.

Here are some of my favorite LA Man Buns.













If you have a great #ManBun pic from LA, email, and we will add it to this post.




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