UNITY – Be a Part of the Movement Tonight

Be a part of the UNITY movement tonight! Created by the writer and director of Earthlings, Shaun Monson, and given voice by 100 incredible celebrity actors (never gathered together before), UNITY is a film that will blow your mind and compel your soul to unify with all life forms. Watching this film was instrumental in changing my life! Let it change or reaffirm yours too! 


UNIT writer and director, Shaun Monson, with celebrity narrator, Jeff Goldblum

The film, which is essentially a beautiful and poignant essay laid atop incredibly 20th and 21st century photographic footage of animals, people and landforms, explores what it means to be “human, mortal, and incarnate,” and reveals the heart wrenching inconsistency between moments of and our social compulsion to connect against humanity’s egregious acts to those outside of our circle of feigned compassion.

Structurally, UNITY is separated into 5 interconnected chapters: our brief existence among the Cosmos (Chapter I), the perceptions of our Mind (Chapter II), the nature of our Body (Chapter III), the infinite capacity of our Heart (Chapter IV), and ultimately the mysterious energy of the Soul (Chapter V).

Tonight, UNITY will be screened internationally for one night only. I can only imagine the vibrant energy that the film will evoke by the masses of people experiencing it together, all around the world, as being one of profound realization and compassion, enough to launch, in fact, a movement. Get your TICKETS and take a seat, so that when you get up, you will navigate within this world differently.

What are we really questing for? Watch the official UNITY trailer.

Thanks to the instrumental UNITY team for bringing this essential film to life: Shaun MonsonMelissa DanisBabak RaziAlec Pedersen, Dieter Paulmann.


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