Wash away your worries at Sunset Tower Hotel’s Cure Salon and Spa

Sunset Tower Hotel on Sunset Blvd. (Photo credit: http://www.yelp.com)

Wash away every single possible worry with the Cure Salon & Spa at one of LA’s most classy historical hotels, the Sunset Tower Hotel. Dating back to 1931 this art deco hotel is a beautiful spot to have lunch by the pool or dine and sip drinks at the glamorous Tower Bar and Restaurant. Recently, I enjoyed a private yoga event on the rooftop.

I had no idea the Cure Salon & Spa existed til my recent yoga session. What I adore about this hotel is that it always feels peaceful and classy. It somehow seems to manage to keep the riffraff and noise away, which is why I love this oasis in busy Sunset Blvd.

The Cure Salon & Spa not only offers personal haircare and facial services, but I spent an afternoon checking out their Spa. Before my 50 minute massage I was whisked away in the plushest robe I have ever worn to the Hammam bath, a Turkish ritual. Instead of my experience in Turkey where I was brought to the middle of a room filled with naked women when I was 20 and buffed down by a big brawny woman, I had this whole ‘feel good’ experience to myself. It was incredibly sensual being in this steamy hot sauna and I could imagine how amazing this would be to enjoy with a partner. No big brawny Turkish woman was here to greet me, but rather a copper bowl with a coconut sugar mixture that I could use as a scrub.

Sunset Tower Hotel Hollywood
Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

I read on the wall to use the copper bowl as a way to pour water over yourself. The room gets very hot so I  alternated my 25 minutes by relaxing on the cold marble table, rinsing off under the cold shower, then exploring the larger overheard rainfall shower that only came out really warm or hot. Towards the end of this luxurious Hammam, I pushed a button (not sure if I should have) which cascaded cool water under me from the sides of the marble slab cooling off my booty and legs, as really hot water shot out from the bottom of the marble table. It was an all around marvelous experience! I felt like I was taking years of stress out of my body.

Hammam at Cure Salon & Spa at Sunset Tower Hotel. (Photo credit: http://www.yelp.com)

In my private suite there was a bath tub, shower, and tons of amenities in case I wanted to shower after the massage and finish drinking my tea. Mohammed, my masseuse, was beyond amazing. I will dream of his techniques because he turned my body into calm. Although I am super sensitive, he was stronger than I am use to, but I realized it was really good for my muscles and body. I always request a girl, but didn’t think to ask, and just went with it. I was beyond pleasantly surprised as this rub down was like no other. It was outstanding! Every part of my body was expertly taken care of in this low lit room with enchanting music.

Massage time at Cure Salon and Spa (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)
Massage time at Cure Salon & Spa (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

Looking for some bliss? This retreat made me feel the most relaxed I have felt in years. The Hammam costs $25 for 25 minutes, and for two people it costs $40. A 50 minute massage is $130 while an 80 minute massage is $180. Indulge and unwind. Be sure to start with the Hammam.

The Cure Salon & Spa can validate your valet ticket and the cost is around $9, or you can find free parking on De Longpre Avenue behind the hotel until 7 PM. I parked on Sunset Blvd a few feet away using a meter.

Cure Salon & Spa

8358 Sunset Boulevard

West Hollywood, CA 90069



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