Emmys 2015: Inside the Vanity Fair Social Club

For the first time, Vanity Fair hosted Vanity Fair Social Club (#VFSC) this past weekend to celebrate the Emmy Awards for select social and entertainment influencers. Held at the creative co-working space, WeWork Hollywood, this place became a hot spot where guests could drop in to plug in, listen to guest speakers, grab some fuel with food and drinks (thanks to FoodInkGrocerie) at the cafe, get hair and makeup touch-ups from Glam Squad, learn how to make a Martini, and mingle with other influencers.

Jon Hamm who we saw earlier this year at the Oceana Gala accepting his Emmy win. (Photo credit: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com)

Saturday’s guests included award winning Mad Men creator and Emmy nominee Matthew Weiner, in conversation with Vanity Fair’s West Coast Editor, Krista Smith. We learned Weiner was a huge proponent of actor Jon Hamm. The actor was not wanted for the role because he was considered too soap opera-y. The network apparently didn’t think he was sexy and Weiner said he wouldn’t do the show unless they hired him. Weiner even flew Hamm out on his own airline miles to New York to audition. Weiner said Hamm was super charismatic and I just got a vibe off of him. They made him audition a bunch, Weiner shares, but I knew that John Hamm was the guy as soon as he left casting. Weiner later shared that almost all the actors in Mad Men have a midwestern connection.

Anyone who has found comfort within themselves has found happiness. – Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner

Actor, director, and producer Tony Goldwyn discusses his career, show business, along with his family’s entertainment legacy with Vanity Fair’s Emily Poenisch. Remembered for his role in Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, Tony reveals how his wife was the production designer on the set for Ghost at the time, so she knew there was a role that had not been cast. When he found out he got the part, he felt so lucky to be on the Paramount lot, at a time when theater and TV actors were not getting cast for films. “Making that movie was a blessing. The audience really discovered it because for a year no one had heard of it.”

While reflecting about his family’s entertainment legacy, Tony Goldwyn shares advice from his father and his father before – “It’s a survivor’s game. It’s something I knew. It is not about grabbing the brass ring or being on the cover of a magazine or being in a movie. It’s a continuum. It’s about creating longevity in a body of work. The illusion is show business…someone hot all the time. Not reality…I try to impart that to people with less experience. All I try to do is make my work better. Hopefully, it’s an upward arc. At 18 you think the show biz family would help and doors would fly open. My brother-in-law is a brilliant jazz musician and he went through the same thing. I had no idea if my dreams would come true. If I commit 100% to my passion and I make a commitment to do that, and if it doesn’t work out and something else doesn’t reveal itself, well, I don’t want to be at a place at 40 where its maybe I could have! You don’t want to be that guy.”

Tony Goldwyn Scandal
Scandal actor Tony Goldwyn with writer Melissa Curtin at the #VFSC.

Tony Goldwyn just finished the film Belco Experiment. He contributes the success of Scandal to all of the social media the cast partakes in via Twitter.

Other speakers included American Horror Story actor and Emmy Nominee Sarah Paulson and Emmy-nominated Key & Peele‘s Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Sunday included Youtube star panels sharing how social media influences beauty and fashion and the future of Vine with 6 young boy success stories.

Highlights included taking home gift cards from Brooks Brothers and Victor and Rolf perfume simply by tweeting or posting with their hashtags. Guests loved posing on the bed covered in flowers for a mini video montage.

The weekend concluded with an Emmy Awards viewing party at the Vanity Fair Social Club.

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