#soLA – Cali Cactus Water

LA may be short on water. A city built in the desert is craving every drop it can get, but we are not short on nouveau water. Heck, Los Angeles is one of the only places in the world you can find a water sommelier. The coconut water craze exploded in LA, so much so that even VOCO is a huge hit with their premixed vodka coconut water. Lately, I have been downing Maple Water from Trader Joes and every event I seem to go to is offering Boxed Water. Did you hear about the water mistakenly sold at Whole Foods with asparagus? Guaranteed Angelenos couldn’t get enough.

Today we present you with our latest LA find from the Abbott Kinney Street Festival, delicious light refreshing Cactus Water! So aptly named – Cali Water with a hint of prickly pear. I predict this plant based water with  super fruit will fly off the shelves soon. Angelenos love their water. 100% natural. We promise.



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