Summer Beverages: Your go-to drink guide

When I met you in the summer. To my heartbeat sound. We fell in love. As the leaves turned brown... Calvin Harris’s song Summer is on repeat in my mind when I think of Summa! No better time to start dreaming of SUMMER when it is about to quickly approach, although really it is summer all yearlong in LA.

Here we present you with our new favorite summer drink finds – some healthy, some refreshing, some with alcohol, some with that extra pick me up. Perfect for boozy mixers, hangovers, after workout sips, and pool party hydration.

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Neuro Bliss  

A drink to help you relax. Yes, please. Their soothing ingredients like chamomile, L-theanine, vitamin D, and essential B vitamins apparently help you reduce the stress in your life. 35 calories. Available in Original, White Raspberry, and Summer Citrus Berry. Drink your way to Zen. Thank you to the girl who handed this to me at Coachella.

Skinny Girl Sparklers

This fizzy drink in the skinny bottle comes in fresh light flavors like pineapple coconut, strawberry lemonade, and tangerine mango. First, I came home with many Skinny Girls from an Oscar party, then I discovered how nice these sparklers are with vodka at a MAC party in Coachella. Bethenny Frankel added these winners to her beverage empire in partnership with Arizona Beverages.

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Caffeinated Club 

Like sparkling water with a hint of flavor. Perfect for a caffeine kick or a vodka cocktail mixer. We have enjoyed this while hiking, as a quick pick me up, and in Malibu with cocktails. Just make sure to hydrate first. Zero calories. This little bottle has the same amount of caffeine as a soda.

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Vodka with Coconut Water in beautiful white metal cans. Refreshingly simple. Tastes so good, you just need ice. Super model Alessandra Ambrosio launched this perfect combination into the star stratosphere at a SugarPop Coachella party. Guarenteed to see this drink at every summer party.

VO CO = Vodka Coconut Water (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)


WTRMLN WTR – cold pressed juice

You new sexy workout partner. Fresh watermelon and lemon. No sugar or water added. Hydration happiness in a bottle filled with more electrolytes than a regular sports drink, Vitamin C and A, an abundance of lycopene to thrash free radicals, as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits. It’s kind of like sticking a straw into a watermelon.

Photo credit: Melissa Curtin


90H20 Water 

Combining pristine spring water from the Northern California Mountains with a proprietary blend of carefully selected natural minerals, their vision is to create the finest water in the world. I met John Gluck, the owner, carrying a bottle of this crafted spring water at the Los Angeles Marathon.

90H20 water

Kicking Horse Coffee on ice

Try their Kick Ass dark coffee from the largest organic Fairtrade certified roaster in Canada. Let the ground beans soak over night in water, then filter through a cheese cloth, putting the coffee liquid back in the fridge. Serve over ice with condensed milk. Kick some sense into yourself with a morning cold brew.

Mama’s Boy Tequila Infusions

Savor this pineapple mango infused tequila over ice or throw back some delicious Margaritas. The PaloMama might just have you realizing where this fine tequila got its name – a harsh ‘bad boy’ spirit infused with a fruit-flavored MB%20Palomamasweet side. Mama’s Boy has elevated the tequila experience, one sip at a time. Get into the Summer Schwing with some new healthy hydrating beverages or some intoxicating mixtures.

kicking horse coffee kicking ass

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