Design Inspiration at the Greystone Mansion

IMG_2709Rarely is the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills open to the public, so when we were invited to LaLaScoop the newest design explosion in this 55 room mansion, we couldn’t wait to experience the historic home’s makeover by 23 creative, cutting-edge interior designers all commissioned by the magazine Luxe Interiors + Design.

The Maison de Luxe Designer Show House was truly luxurious as our mouths were agape from the brunch on the terrace with the glowing fall morning light with shiny, sprawling LaLaLand in the distance, to the tour we received in and out of each room with the gregarious designers greeting us and sharing their inspirational design tales for the room they revamped. Often many spaces came with difficult structural and hanging logistics due to the home being 87 years old and rules that needed to be followed about what could and could not be prodded and poked.


Greystone continues to be a magnificent part of the City of Beverly Hills landscape. Often used for private events, the City has provided funding for many restoration and renovation projects. Marvel in the gilded age of architecture as this special property is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places (and presumably haunted).

Inside as one spirals up the dark wooden staircase, one’s eyes are drawn to the bright multi-colored eye catching unusual wallpaper, forming colorful mountains which happen to match the massive jelly bean bowls at the top of the stairs. In one corridor designer Brian Paquette of Benjamin Vandiver Interiors + Lifestyle gleefully greeted use with his hallway matching couch and wall paper with bold green and white floral prints reminiscent of homes I’ve seen on the east coast. Our favorite off the hallway room came from Consort Design who turned the space into a whimsical retro bar with a table jutting from the fireplace and the window panes holding the liquor. We would love to spend an intimate evening in this space laughing with friends.


Other memorable rooms included the Massucco Warner Miller design team who created a girly bedroom with rose gold hand-painted peacock wallpaper with a picture above the dresser created by the smoke or ash of birthday cake candles. Andrew Brown Interiors showcased the European masters with the Le Salon de Repos drawing inspiration from where Lucy and Ned Doheny and their designers turned to in the late 1920’s while furnishing their home. The ceiling mural in the room was inspired by Matisse’s La Danse while charcoal drawings occur on grasscloth panels. Nina Campbell creates a comfortable, classic bedroom suite for the modern day Mr. Doheny, drawing my eyes to the elaborate but sweet decor above the fireplace, consisting of mini white ledges affixed to the wall that match the molding with little gold pots on each ledge filled with white (perhaps metal) flowers, a perfect contrast to the deep mint wall paint.


The design world movers-and-shakers also included Oliver Furth, Cliff Fong, Sara Story, Chloe Warner, Jane Hallworth, Timothy Corrigan, Natasha Baradaran, Amy Meier among others, all spearheaded by Luxe’s EIC Pamela Jaccarino.

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For tickets and more information: MAISON DE LUXE
Dates for viewing: November 11 – 15, November 18 – 22
905 Loma Vista Drive
Beverly Hills, CA

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