The Art of Cognac: Hennessy Teams with Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell

In its continuing support of artists, Hennessy this month launched its latest limited-edition collaboration with American tattooist Scott Campbell.

The Brooklyn-based artist created an intricate label for the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition. The bottle design was inspired by drawings and notes from a journal of James Hennessy, the family’s second-generation visionary, who took the reins of the Cognac-making dynasty from his father in 1788.

The silver-and-black design depicts a set of wings, symbolizing freedom and travel, while showcasing Hennessy V.S.’s iconic three stars. Inscribed are the words, “Love without Hesitation.”

These wings provide a first-class flight. (Photo by Scott Bridges)

“When creating a tattoo,” says Campbell, “I encapsulate one’s whole life story into one design, pulling inspiration from very different concepts and directions. Telling the world’s stories through tattoos.”

“Hennessy” is a better tattoo choice than your current bf/gf. (Photo by Scott Bridges)

Campbell is the owner and operator of Saved Tattoo parlor in Brooklyn. His clients include Sting, Robert Downey Jr. and Courtney Love, among others from the New York art and fashion world. He abandoned the study of biochemistry at the University of Texas, and acquired his art education tattooing friends and acquaintances.

The Scott Campbell autograph. (Photo by Scott Bridges)

This is the sixth installment of Hennessy’s artistic collaborations. The Hennessy V.S Limited Edition bottle is on sell now for approximately $35. A Hennessy Limited Edition Deluxe set is also be available for about $150, and presents the bottle in a wooden box, with a numbered flask in a leather sleeve and a unique sketchbook with watermarked designs.


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