Building Brand Recognition Workshop at Mavens TV

Mavens TV, a studio focused on empowering women entrepreneurs to help change the world, hosted a 3 hour Brand Boss workshop at their new uber chic space at Bergamot Station. The morning sunlight beamed in as attendees mingled over breakfast, then later took a socializing break over sushi plus astrology readings by well known JoJo who happened to be one of the attendees. But most importantly, guests had the opportunity to discuss and exchange new ideas from various professions including health and wellness, mindfulness, interactive video games, public relations, social media, and more.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. – Simon Sinek

Led by Erika Brechtel and co-founder/anchor Kalika Yap, the business mavens shared excellent tips from what is your company’s WHY to determining your brand’s personality. Questions like How do you gain trust? or How do you empower customers or readers? or How is your brand/idea/company/website different/unique? got us all thinking.

Branding Boss workshop at Mavens TV.
Brand Boss workshop at Mavens TV. Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Social media and SEO tips were shared like making sure to install the Yoast Plug-in on your site, create titles that are questions often googled, name images in articles with keywords not just 345x.jpg, and create article titles based on most searched keywords.

Today everyone seems to want to know the best way to build brand recognition. Due to technology, the world has shifted and now more than ever, Angelenos and Americans want to create something meaningful, something that is their own, fulfilling a desire or need to be one’s own boss as well as to improve lives. Mavens TV shows you how to establish your company’s brand presence and grow your audience through strategic implementation of your brand, website, SEO, and social media marketing.

Beautiful space at Mavens TV in Santa Monica. Brand Boss workshop.
Beautiful space at Mavens TV in Santa Monica. Branding Boss workshop. Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

The greatest value you can add is to become more of yourself. Different is better than better. – Sally Hogshead

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